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About us

IndieCan Radio is now found on XM Satellite

One of Canada's premiere new music programs will now be heard on XM Satellite's, The Verge XM52. Every week IndieCan Radio's guerrilla music team will hit the streets, clubs, festivals and studios of Canadian indie hot beds coast-to-coast to bring you Canada's new music and the stories behind it from artists and industry insiders.

"The program takes a brilliant honest look at the new music industry" says Jeff Leake Program Director, The Verge. "IndieCan Radio will help promote even more Canadian artists to a growing North American audience".

"At IndieCan we are stoked everytime we can help bring these great Canadian artists to the larger stages of which they are so deserving says Joe Chishom, IndieCan founder. Partnering with XM is one more way we can help artists in our own small way to enjoy the success they dream of attaining. We look forward to hearing what The Verge listeners have to say about the show."

Catch IndieCan Radio Mondays a 3pm EST. and Saturdays at 7pm EST. on XM Satellite's The Verge XM52.

The founding partners of IndieCan Music are Andre Skinner and Joe Chisholm, both with years of music biz experience as musicians, producers, songwriters and more.

Joe Chisholm

Writer, columnist, finnancial planner, songwriter, performer

Joe has enjoyed over 15 years in the financial services industry; providing financial planning advice to Radio/TV arts people and varied other professions, writing commentaries and interviewing investment experts, honing his skills and developing a hard earned reputation as a trusted financial advisor with a sound business acumen. But what’s twice as nice has been his mid-life crisis. This began a couple of years ago when Joe and teen-age son Jesse started writing, recording and performing pop rock tunes. Then came Songwriters’ Association of Canada weekend music workshops, demo evaluations, more performing, mingling with the Toronto indie-music community, writing music reviews and attending awards ceremonies. Joe and Jesse’s band “The Chronicles” features some of Toronto’s top musical talent and has been enjoying acclaim and local college airplay as well as pod cast appearances from Detroit to Ft. Lauderdale. The business of music has captivated Joe and with the inside look at promoting and producing his own band, Joe Chisholm has quickly developed a perspective on the music scene which is completely unique to the Toronto scene. Driven with a vision that formed over time of what he wanted to do with and for Canadian independent music, the trap was set for a change in direction for the Chisholm Trail – a career change was afoot.
Andre Skinner

Musician, Writer, Producer
Wearing many hats is what Andre Skinner does best especially when it comes to music. Andre started as a drummer in the early 90's with as many bands as he could juggle and carried on to study at Humber College in the Jazz Program. Andre continued playing in local bands but felt restricted as a drummer creatively and wanted to try out some other talents so he bought a $50 guitar from a pawn shop and started writing songs almost immediately. A few years down the road and couple of bands later Andre founded the Toronto country rock group Canteen Knockout who have since played as far sounth as Nashville and have released a both a full length CD and an EP. On top of his passions for both leading his band and drumming Andre was also very interested in the recording aspect of music and teamed up with a friend in 2002 to open a small recording studio in the east end of Toronto called the Exhaust System Recording Studio. Pushing forward with his wirting, producing and drumming Andre was recruited by Joe Chisolm to play drums on his CD at Excarpment Sound for a studio session. Shortly after the session Andre and Joe started talking about the project and other music related things which led to the concept of IndieCan Music. Andre Skinner is also a contributing writer at Spill Magazine www.spillmagazine.com

Well if you want to ask someone who should know, Peter Spellman, Director of Career Development at Berklee College of Music in Boston, refers to commercial music as:

“…force feeding the public a flavourless diet of sonic pablum.”

What makes popular music a colourless swill ? These are questions we will address at Indie Can. Tight and tired play list pitched to you by the stations advertisers might be something that is already grating on your nerves. We agree. At Indie Can, the listeners, not the advertisers decide what’s played. Indie Can is about Indie Bands and Indie Fans. A direct connection that puts the music listener first, the way public music used to be, the way it should be.


Radio Programming like the one hour “Inside Toronto Indie Show” which brings you up close and personal with the best of indie artists in the greater Toronto area. We take you into the studio, on the road and behind the scenes.

Who, Where, When and Info on Bands in towns all across the country.

Better ways to listen to and support your favourite Indie Bands Communicate directly with Bands you want to get to know; give them your feedback, get on their street team.

Whats Hot – Whats Not Reviews and links that help get you to the music you really care about, faster.

24/7 streaming of indie music where listeners decide what music should be played the most often. (coming soon!)

New features that you tell us you want and need for your musical consuming pleasure