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IndieCan Music # 507 includes #CMW2017 artists and more: Locomotive Ghost, The Velveteines, Gay Nineties, The Julian Taylor Band, Hillsburn, Dearly Beloved, Vacay, Lions Lions, Mother Mother, Sirens of Shanti, Charlotte Cardin, The Strange Cases, May Wells, NJ Taylor & Prozzak.

The Indies: 54-40 inducted into the Indie Hall of Fame. SEE IT HERE #CMW2017

see Friday April 21, 2017 on Queen Street W @ # CMW2017

see Saturday's Music Nova Scotia showcase at the Rivoli

Check out hundreds more pics and video @ IndieCanRadio Facebook

IndieCan Music #506 has a CMW ready state of mind with new Hollerado and more: White Lightning, The Jon Cohen Experimental, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Digging Roots, AK47 Fake Shark, Marven Denis, Wintersleep, Danko Jones, The Kat Kings, Andie Douquette, Jim Bryson (ft. Amanda Reaume) We Are Wolves, We Are The City, Go For Hope, and Lester McLean - C'est tout!

IndieCan Music #505 features: Fake Shark, Brutus Begins, The James Clark Institute, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Hillsburn, Moon Tan, One Bad Son, Leeroy Stagger, Little Coyote, Hollerado, Neon Dreams, May Wells, The New Electric, Gay Nineties, Mimi O’Bonsawin, Andie Douquette and Locomotive Ghost - FIN

IndieCan Music #504 offers up refreshing, current new music. Look here: Vacay, Mother Mother, Angela Saini, The Zolas, The Tarp Kickers, Vinyl Hero, Moulettes, The James Clark Institute, TOY, Sammy Duke, Felitche, Cowboy Junkies, Wintersleep, Rose Cousins, Tokyo Police Club & Neon Dreams, FIN 

IndieCan Music # 503 look at #CMW past and present. We have some new tunage to sever up, too. Here we go, with The Matinee, Hillsburn, Mother Mother, Fun Cam, The Pistolwhips, Charlotte Cardin, Danko Jones, Sunrise and Good People, Leeroy Stagger, The Julian Taylor Band, Jont and the Infinite Possibility, Hollerado, Head of the Herd, David Bray, Bry, Just Alex (ft. Yan Etchevary) & Cannons- How sweet it is!

IndieCan Music # 502 features: Adam Baldwin, Tribe Royal, Lilianna Wilde, Zack Lane, One Bad Son, Wintersleep, The Discarded, Locomotive Ghost, Jon Cohen Experimental, Prozzak, May Wells, Craig Cameron Band, Blood and Glass, The Matinee, The Velvetines, Gay Nineties & Alessia Cohle – the end :-)

 IndieCan Music Episode # 501. We are goin' loco', with: Danko Jones, Locomotive Ghost, Rose Cousins, The Dash, The Discarded, Dearly Beloved, Vacay, Hillsburn, Dani Strong, The Argues, Gay Nineties, May Wells, Lemmon Cash & , Hollerado: FIN

IndieCan Music Episode # 500. Yes, it’s the IndieCan 500! Thanks to all the artists and volunteers and music fans that have supported us for the last 10+ years. Who would have thought we have reached this milestone?


This week, it’s the music that matters: May Wells, Mother Mother, The Dash, Gay Nineties, See Spot Run, Turbo Street Funk, Mo Kenny, Stephen Fearing, The Tarp Kickers, Broomfiller, The Balconies, Living Proof (ft. Brian Cook) BROS, Hollerado, Dylan Menzie and First Ghost.

Listen twice, share with your friends or re-post. We’re all in this together!

IndieCan Music # 499 in order of appearance, Heat, Beth Moore, Bobby Dove, Prozzak, Denielle Bassels, Bros, Beyries, Soldier, OBMGS, Moon Tan, The Reed Effect, GO For Hope, Wintersleep, Cannons, Alysha Brilla, Fun Cam & Fast Romantics FIN 

IndieCan Music # 498 rocks the CanCon, with The Velvetines, Hillsburn, The Strange Cases, Dearly Beloved, Danko Jones, Fun Cam, Charlotte Cardin, A Primitive Evolution, David Gogo, Hannah Georgas, The Julian Taylor Band, Blve Hills, The Matinee, Fast Romantics, Elephant Stone, Tommy West Band, The Strange Cases & TOY – so you’re getting 60 minutes in the future memory box. Now listen up and then join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter Intergroup where every you Lu,lu,lu,love to interact.

Ladies and gents, IndieCan Music’s # 497 best music you’ve never heard, in order of appearance: Hillsburn, LeRiche, Tribe Royale, The Pep Tides, Jon Mullane, Alan Heart, Alysha Brilla, Craig Cameron Band, The StandStills, The Pistolwhips, Go For Hope, Cannons, The James Clark Institute, Fast Romantics, Darcys & a couple from The Julian Taylor Band – wow! 

IndieCan Music # 496 features: Sunrise & Good People, Fast Romantics, Hollerado, The Kat Kings, The Tarp Kickers, Japanoidrs, Dead Love, Dearly Beloved, Allbut6ix, Marito Marques, Digging Roots, D. Howell, Tokyo Police Club, We Are Wolves, The Matinee, BROS, Emma Alves, Limb Lifter & Fortunate Ones - isn't that awesome?!

 IndieCan Music # 495 in order of appearance: The Velvetines, Moulettes, Alonso, Hollerado, BROS, Blood and Glass, The James Clark Institute, Rose Cora Perry, Molehill, Cannons, The Trews, The Pack AD, Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew, Scenic Route to Alaska, Alessia Cohle, Go For Hope and Seven Day Sons – The best music you’ve never heard; no doubt about it: FIN 

IndieCan Music # 494 sounds like this: Fortune Killers, Samson’s Delilah, Pistols and Parachutes, Streetlight Social, The Julian Taylor Band, Hannah Georgas, Japandroids, Fun Cam, Elephant Stone, Colin James, Charlotte Cardin, Lemon Cash, Dearly Beloved, Sal Lima, Michael Painchaud and Emma Alves – nice eh?

IndieCan Music # 493 kicks off 2017 with The Tarp Kickers, The Pistolwhips, The PepTides, A Primitive Evolution, The James Clark Institute, TOY, Half Past Four, The Dungarees, Blve Hills, Slender, Digging Roots, Songsbury, Hot Apollo, David Gogo, Sunshine & Good People and Heather Ballentine – what a year we’re having (so far).

IndieCan Music # 492 – the Help put the X back in Xmas show. We’re spending some time looking back at Vancouver’s underground music front-man extraordinaire, Howard Rix. We also some Canadian indie Xmas songs and current offering from the next-big-thing-scene. Here’s the lineup: The Velvetines, Slender, Laura Sauvage, LiteYears, Brutus Begins, Emma Lee, Fortunate Ones, Andrew Conroy, featuring Moka Only, The Kat Kings, Eugene Ripper, Howard Rix, Heather Ballentine, Dearly Beloved, Dawson Rutledge, Kati Zuccarelli, and the David Shaw Trio, featuring Nathan, Allegra – FIN

IndieCan Music # 491 knocks your stockings off with: Charlotte Cardin, Toy, Cyzon, Finger Eleven, Them and Us, MunizO, Moon Tan, WUZI, High, The Age of Electric, Santa Clara, We Are Wolves, Adam Baldwin and Rain Over St. Ambrose – Doesn’t that just cure your Santa Clausterphobia?

IndieCan Music’s show # 490 is only ten less than # 500. We don’t know what that means but it feels big. So let’s do it right: The Age of Electric, The Julian Taylor Band, Heather Ballentine, The Kat Kings, Japandroids, an Indie Week interview with The Reed Effect and their awesome tune “Down in Here,” Vinyl Hero, See Spot Run, The Pistolwhips, Elephant Stone, Vroni, Tape Eagles, Half Past Four, Sunrise & Good People & Songsbury. Well that sounds pretty epic, doesn’t it?

IndieCan Music # 489 rocks you long time with Dearly Beloved, Japandroides, Vita Chambers, Fortunate Ones, Bobby Dove, Joshua Hyslop, Tribe Royal, The Pack AD, High, Vinyl Hero, Them & Us, Lost & Profound & Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew – BAM! 

IndieCan Radio # 488 celebrates Indie Week #IW2016 and #RIFF Reel Indie Film Festival 2016.  This week we bring you interviews and music from Molehill, High, Dylan Hennessy, Wuzi, Them & Us, Cameron Carpenter from RRIF and Sevend Day Sons. A show so nice, you might want to listen twice.

IndieCan Music #487 features: Dylan Menzie, Dead Love, Charlotte Cardin, Peasant Moon, The Tarp Kickers, Hanna Georgas, Mentana, The James Clark Institute, Scenic Route to Alaska, Heather Balentine, Dearly Beloved, Living Proof (ft. Brian Cook), Silverstein, Eugene Ripper, Jake Chisholm & LA Foster, FIN – Nice eh? 

IndieCan Radio #486 is excited about #indieweek2016  Wehave an hour of gr8 music, in the order of appearance: Sunrise & Good People, Japandroids, Annabelle Chvostek, Tokyo Police Club, Broomfiller, Savilles, Finger Eleven, Menage, Slow Death Lights, Hanna Georgas, Head Of The Herd, Colin James, A Primitive Evolution, The Pack A.D., The Matinee and Eugene Ripper. 

INDIE WEEK 2016 #indieweek2016 highlights.

#IW2016 The Finals at the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto, Indie Week

TUESDAY, opening night Gala Them and Us pictured (left).

WEDNESDAY November 16th, Queen West, The Paddock, Cherry Cola's The Bovine Sex Club, #IBF2016 #indieweek2016, Cameron House, The Burroughs THURSDAY Novmeber 17th, College & Spadina/Kensington, The Silverdollar, The Supermarket, Coalition. 

THURSDAY November 17th, Coalition, The Supermarket, The Silverdollar featuring, The Ocean Cure, The Celebration Army, MunizO, Jules, Double Experience, Adfterlove, Angela Saini and Black Collar Union.

FRIDAY November 18th, The Paddock, The Cameron House, Bovine Sex Club, Cherry Colas with Piffbreak Arcade, the Rationales, The Shyness of Strangers, Silvestre, The Statistics, Love Razer, Mermaids Exist, Trampa, Molehill (Pictured left), Arson, Bathurst Station, Blackdog Ballroom, Devil Met Contention & Emily Rockarts.

#IW2016 The Finals at the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto, Indie Week finalists play off. From the UK we have Wuzi and Them&Us, from Japan, MunizO, from Winnipeg, Moon Tan, from Montreal, The Corks. from Detroit, The Family Grind + Samara York, Fade Awaays and Dick Rodan.

IndieCan Radio #485 rocks and rolls with We Are Wolves, Emma Alves, Elephant Stone, Dearly Beloved, Blood and Glass, Julian Taylor, The Kat Kings, Kimberley Dawn, The Pistolwhips, The Argues, Just Alex, Brutus Begins, Pep Tides & Turbo Street Funk, That’s a whole lotta’ shakin’ goin’ on!

IndieCan Music #484 includes new, new, new indie from The James Clark Institute, The Tarp Kickers, Alysha Brilla, Julian Taylor Band, Digging Roots, Slow Death Lights, Moulettes, Eugene Ripper, Bink, Opossum, Rabbit & Shrew, The Dead Love & Jade Mya. Doesn’t that just put the Ahhhh, in awesome!

IndieCan Music #483 is stoked to include The Matinee, The Balconies, Tribe Royal, Charlotte Cardin, Colin James, The Kat Kings, Silverstein, Katia Zuccarelli, Sunjay, Rain Over St. Ambrose, The Dungarees, Tennyson King, Mentana, Scenic Route to Alaska, Songsbury, New District and Adam Baldwin: FIN

IndieCan Music # 482 is a Fall dose of Vitamin C (for culture) with Laura Savauge, The Dead Love, LA Foster, The Lazys, The Tarp Kickers, Eugene Ripper, Rose Cora-Perry, Lunar Solace, The Manitee, A Primitive Evolution, LITEYEARS, Alert the Medic, Emma Alves, Lost & Profound and Andrew Conroy, eaturing Moka – nice.

IndieCan Music #481 features Limblifter, Tape Eagles, See Spot Run, Peptides, StandStills, Mo Kenny, Jon Cohen Experimental, Half Past Four, The Pack A.D., Adam Baldwin, New District, Chris Colepaugh & The Cosmic Crew, Santa Clara, The Trews, The Stanfields & a couple from Digging Roots.

IndieCan Music Show #480 news you with Scenic Route to Alaska, Laura Savauge, Mentana, Eugene Ripper, a highlight from #TURF2016, Jimmy Eat World, Tokyo Police Club, We Are Wolves, Heather Ballentine, Andrew Conroy, Jake Chisholm, Kimberley Dawn, The Dungarees, Hot Apollo, A Primitive Evolution, Die Mannequin, Songsbury & Dylan Menzie – awesome! 

IndieCan Music Four Hundred and Seventy-nine features brand new, great Canadian indie including A Primitive Evolution, Brutus Begins, LA Foster, Moulettes, Emma Alves, Menage, Ginger St. James, Rose Cora Perry, As Waters, Blve Hills, Laura Rock, We Are Wolves, D. Howell (ft. Sean Paul), Santa Clara, Van Norden (ft. Aubrey Richmond) and the Darcys, What an hour we’re having! 

IndieCan Radio Podcast # 478 features Tokyo Police Club, Hollerado, The OBGMs, #TURF2016 artist Jimmy Eat World, The Kat Kings, David Gogo, memories of CNE 2016 with The Lazy’s and 54-40, Kandle, Digging Roots, The Pack A.D., Great Lake Swimmers, Dawson Rutledge, The Dungarees, Terrence Jack, #Linsmore Indie Night highlights, Turbo Street Funk, and Hot Apollo + Alert The Medic – wow, that’s a good hour of the Canadian indie scene, eh? 

IndieCan Music # 477 features Lakes of Canada, Santa Clara, Living Proof, (ft. Brian Cook), Jont and the Infinite Possibility, The Trews, Lester McLean, The Peptides, M. Soul, Darcys, Rain Over St. Ambrose, Heather Ballentine, New District, Head of the Herd, Tennyson King, Fortunate Ones, Good Lovelies and Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – not too bad of a way to spend an hour! Enjoy


IndieCan Music # 476 Summer’s Over show includes Alert the Medic, Chris Colepaugh & The Cosmic Crew, Hot Apollo, The Balconies, Del Barber, See Spot Run, Kim Ray, Eileen Carey, The Trews, (playing the CNE Labour Day Weekend), The Pack AD, Justin 3, Ian K., Carrot Sticks, JPNSGRLS, The StandStills and David Stone.  

IndieCan Music Episode # 475 includes Band of Rascals, Moulette, Jade Mya, David Myles, Mimi O’Onsawin, Rah Rah, The Pack A.D., Dawson Rutledge, The Kat Kings, Joan Kennedy, Goodnight Sunrise, Rain Over St. Ambrose, We Are the City, Neon Dreams (ft. Kardinal Offishall), The Pep Tides, The New Electric, and Menage.


IndieCan Radio # 474 (click to stream or download for free)features #OSHEAGA2016 and more. We feature LiteYears, Menage, See Spot Run, The Motor League, Elephant Stone along with Busty


and the Bass chatting with Jesse from the Osheaga media tent, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Alessia Cohle and a couple from Graffiti Crimes - FIN

Chek out our pics by Wendy L. Rombough and IndieCan Joe from NXNE, - See and hear the latest from INDIECAN: WEDESDAY, Silver Dollar, Bovine, The Riv, Nocturn, THURSDAY including the Riv, The Horseshoe, Nocturne and The Bovine, #PortsLand FRIDAY with Schoolboy Q, Daniel Caesar, Ghostface Killah, Tiken Jah Fakoly and then SATURDAY at #NXNEPortLands with Mother Mother, Father John Misty Dan Mangan, The Zolas, Land of Talk, Highs and Born Ruffians. See more and join the conversation on our social media. 


IndieCan Radio #473 has that new music smell. In order of appearance: The Trews, The Balconies, AA Walace, Wintersleep, from #OSHEAGA2016 – Coeur de Pirate, Brutus Begins, retro “live at IndieCan” with Sunshine State, Ian K., JPNSGRLS, ToxSyn, Sirens of Shanti, Broomfiller, Savilles, Jake Chisholm, David Stone and Sarah Burton. Isn’t that a party?

IndieCan Radio #472 is radio-anywhere. This week we groove to Last Hologram, OBGMs, Marinol Nation, Turbo Street Funk, Sookz (ft. Voyce) Laura Rock, Sandman Viper Command, Lemon Cash, Turn The Jon Cohen Experimental, Moulettes interview Part-Deau, Akoustic Elektric, Trainwreck X, The Kat Kings, Digging Roots, Shonna and Menage. How do we “menagae” to cram such fun into one hour? With your helpful suggestions. Enjoy this week’s show. FIN

IndieCan Music, show # 471 is tunes, news and insight rich. We kick off with Digging Roots, Rich Girl and then get into "new" with Barlow, D Howell, (ft. Sean Paul), Jade Mya and then we get reacquainted with Moulettes—on the Canadian leg of their world tour, doing festivals from Halifax to Vancouver Island. We have a good ol’ chat from the front porch of Hugh’s Room, their Toronto stop. From Linsmore Tavern’s Indie Night we have Marinol Nation, we have Goodnight Sunrise, and our NXNE Michael Hollett interview (part 2) then we finish strong with As Waters, Emma Cook and Van Damsel—C’est fini.



IndieCan Music # 470 is stunning, News by North East, an Osheaga preview and more: Rah Rah, Uforia, Wes Mason, Outer Spaces, Couer de Pirate, I Don’t Want to Break You (ft. Allan Kingdom) Neon Dreams, First Ghost, Dylan Menzie, No Big Deal, Dan Mangan, NXNE’s grand poobah, Michael Hollett sharing his take on the very new look-and-feel, North By North East, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Sarah Burton, Say Yes, PJ Kingpin Wilson, Alan Heart, and Emma Lee. What an hour we’re having!!!

IndieCan Music’s Episode #469: NXNE 2016 coverage comes with some #ClubLand featuring our chat with First Ghost and headliners @ #PortLands Mother Mother and Dan Mangan – we also have some D. Howell, (ft. Sean Paul), Laura Rock, Finger Eleven, Half Past Four, and NXNE past with Caledonia, After Party and The Pack A.D. – but wait there’s more: Lindsay Broughton and Savilles finish off this hour of sunshine.


Our biz is music and biz is a buzz. IndieCan Radio # 468 features The Pep Tides, In Saigon, Band of Skulls, Sunrise and Good People, Rain Over St. Ambrose, Terence Jack As Waters, Krista D, Joan Kennedy, Kim Rae, Kaylan MacKinnon, David Myles, Adam Baldwin, Del Barber, Lester McLean & We Are the City, and that’s a wrap.


IndieCan Radio # 467 steam or download the best music never heard, first heard on The Verge, Sirius/XM June 14, 2016. We’ve got mostly brand new tunage from: Band of Skulls, Laura Savauge, JPNSGRLS, First Ghost, The Kat Kings, Heather Ballentine, Sunsine and Good People, Peasant Moon, USWM, Small Town Banks (Live at IndieCan) Band Of Rascals, The Balconies, Neon Dreams, (ft. Kardinal Offishall) Van Damsel, Uforia, Wes Mason, Amelia Curran, PJ Kingpin Wilson and Mother Mother, playing NXNE Saturday June 18th.

IndieCan Music #466 thinking summer time, #NXNE2016, #Osheaga! & still smiling over #CMW2016 memories.  It’s all good. We are spinning more of the best music you’ve never heard: Daniel Wesley, AA Wallace, As Waters, Heather Ballentine, Bry, The Elwins, Fake Shark, Emma Lee, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Jont and the Infinite Possibilities, Sunrise and Good People, Lost and Profound, Kim Ray, AJ Sihra, David Myles, Adam Baldwin and Dylan Menzie – damn, that’s good. 

IndieCan Radio # 465 features: Uforia, Say Yes, Lunar Solace, Joan Kennedy, Living Proof’s Abstract Artform + Doodle (ft. Brain Cook), Jont and The Infinite Possibilities, Esma, JPNSGRLS, Band of Rascals, Slow Death Lights, Savilles, Loving Mary and Brad Saunders. Whoo Hooo!


IndieCan Music # 464 has more CMW 2016 and some of other new finds. We’ve got No Sinner, Fangclub, Bagels, Smoove + Turrell, The Balconies, Sherlock, Menage, NJ Taylor, Dylan Menzie, Peasant Moon, Tennyson King, Brutus Begins, As Waters, Dearly Beloved and The Lazys FIN

IndieCan Music # 463 is chanelling the Canadian Music Week fever. We spin the Zolas, Sunshine and Good People, David Myles, Heather Ballentine, Stephen Fearing, Carole Pope, USS, The Arkells, Pigeon Park, JPNSGRLS, Dylan Menzie, Beth Moore, Adam Baldwin, Wintersleep, Trent Severn, AA Wallace and Town Heroes.

Because you deserve to see what we saw: galleries from each day on the Toronto Streets and clubs of CMW May 2 - 8, 2016: 

Monday May 2nd from Queen Street West, Canadian Music Week Night #1 May 2nd CLCLICK HERE -

College Street, Kensington Market and Spadian is the setting for our club crawl Tuesday May 3rd CLICK HERE -

May the 4th be with you on Day 3 CLICK HERE for Wednesday -

Thursday we crowds in the clubs are feeling it and we're at The Great Hall, The Dakota Tavern, The Painted Lady and The Garriston so CLICK HERE -

Fruday, day 5 includes The Dine Alone showcase @ The Horseshoe, Cherry Cola's The Riv, the Hideout and more. CLICK HERE

Saaturday May 7th CLICK HERE Because you can. This includes Music Nova Scotia showcase VIPs (Very Indie People) and more of Queen Street West.

Twitter and Facebook links above for as it happens updates, awards, performances, conference facts, features and funnies.  :-)

IndieCan Music # 462    We're in a #CMW2016 mood (Canadian Music Week past and present) with Fake Shark, Hollerado, Angela Saini, Broomfiller, The Motorleague, JPNSGRLS, Dan Mangan Blacksmith, The Balconines, Van Damsel, Menage, Brutus Begins, Laura Sauvage, Yukon Blonde, We Are The City, No Big Deal, Lost and Profound + Town Heroes. Fun eh?

IndieCan Music # 461 has that new music smell with Rain Over St. Ambrose, Alan Heart, Darcys, Brutus Begins, Say Yes, Sarah Curle, AA Wallace, Mike Evin, Del Barber, No Sinner, Alert the Medic, Alfie Zappacosta, Great Lake Swimmers, David Gogo and The New Electric – well how ‘bout that?!?!  

IndieCan Music Episode 460 features Luke Nicholson, Ménage, Loving Mary, Megan Landry, JPNSGRLS, Fortunate Ones, Alan Heart, Dearly Beloved, Danko Jones, Slow Death Lights, Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew, Christian D, No Sinner, Big Wreck, Hill & The Sky Heroes, Town Heroes and Ian K. -  now that’s an hour of oh, wow! 

IndieCan Music # 459 is a winner: David Myles, Harlen Wells, The Stand Stills, Jake Chisholm, The Lazy’s, Slow Death Lights featured are long-lost but still loved co-host Andre Skinner, Couer de Pirate (ft. Allan Kingdom), Del Barber, Sirens of Shanti, Dawson Rutledge, The Good Lovelies, Say Yes, New Town Heroes, Jason Price and Young Galaxy – what a show!

IndieCan Music # 458 features your front row seat to Canada’s best emerging music with Say Yes, AA Wallace, Fake Shark, Loving Mary, We Are The City, Jade Mya, Great Lake Swimmers, Del Barber, RUN, Gob, Dez Larson, Sarah Curle, Head of the Herd, Matt Andersen, Alfie Zappacosta, The New Electric & SC Mira: FIN 

IndieCan Music, 457 features new Canadian indie from: The Bleeding Lights, The Mohrs, Emma-Lee, Noah Zacharin, Laura Sauvage, The Elwins, Joel Plaskett, I Mother Earth, Lost and Profound, Limblifter, Daniel Wesley, Alan Heart, Des Larson, Kyp Harness, David Gogo, Kevin Millar & Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew. Wow, that's good music.

Episode #456 of IndieCan Music gets you in the ears with Laura Sauvage, Ménage, City and Colour, Dawson Rutledge, Megan Landry, Graffiti Crimes, Loving Mary, Luke Nicholson, Tokyo Police Club, Fake Shark, Sirens of Shanti, Hollerado, Lost and Profound, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Fortunate Ones, Jason Price, Rural Alberta Advantage, and The Trews – well how ‘bout that?


IndieCan Music # 455 features Coeur de Pirate, (ft. Allan Kingdom) Sarah Burton, Mother Mother, Lakes of Canada, Harlan Wells, Mimi O’Bonsawin, Jake Chisholm, Good Lovelies, We Are The City, Zeus, Kink, Kim Rae, Lester McLean, Poor Young Things, Amelia Curran and Peter Katz – Now that’s AbFab!


IndieCan Music # 454 is groovy baby, groovy. We got: Ménage, We Are The City, RUN, Emma Lee, Julian Taylor Band, Sarah Curle, Head of the Herd, Jake Chisholm, Harlan Wells, I Mother Earth, The Motorleague, Gob, The Town Heroes, Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, No Big Deal, Yukon Blonde and Great Lake Swimmers – say “Yeah!”

IndieCan Music # 453 will sooth your soul and stretch your boundaries of “what’s cool.” We got: Van Damsel, Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew. Hill & The Sky Heroes, Sirens of Shanti, The Trews, Emma Lee, Kandel, Kim Ray, Coeur de Pirate, The Elwins, Alyssa Tess Pottan, Broomfiller, London Stone, The New Electric, Mike Evin, and The Smashed Idols.


IndieCan Music’s Episode 452 rocks and pops and folks you with David Gogo, SC Mira, The Standstills, Lost and Profound, Trench Town Oddities, Mo Kenny, The Stanfields, Van Norden with Aubrey Richmond, The Harpoonist and the Axe Murder, Dawson Rutledge, Mimi O’Bonsawin, The Mohrs, Daniel Wesley, Bellwoods (ft, Ash Koley), and Heather Ballentine – how ‘bout that!?!


IndieCan Music Episode 451 features: Megan Landry, Lost and Profound, Lakes of Canada, Broomfiller, Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew, Wintersleep, Sarah Curle, Terence Jack, Mad June, RUN, Lester McLean, Teenage Kicks, Fortunate Ones, Ivan & Alyosha, The Bleeding Lights, and bonus tracks.


IndieCan Music # 450 let’s the best music you’ve never heard do the talking with Graffiti Crimes, Mike Evin, The Standstills, The Stanfields, Wintersleep, Lost And Profound, Great Lake Swimmers, The Arkells, Megan Bonnell, Harlan Wells, The Town Heroes, Catl, City and Colour, Peter Unwin, 54-40 and The North -FIN

IndieCan Music’s Episode 449 rock ‘n’ rolls and rockabillies, and pops and alts even folks around with us. What a great hour we’re going to have, here. The lineup: Pigeon Park, Bon Evans, Mother Mother, Heather Ballentine, Harlan Wells, City and Colour, Jade Mya, Trent Severn, Eugene Ripper, Angie Saini, Yukon Blonde, Beth Moore, Steph Macpherson, The Town Heroes and Kink!  

IndieCan Music Episode 448 pauses again to reflect on the best music you’ve never heard over the last year or so. The line up: Yukon Blonde, The New Electric, Dearly Beloved, City and Colour, Ian K., Young Gallexy, The Elwins, The Trews, I Mother Earth, Myria Webber, Michael Beranrd Fitzgerald, The Bleeding Lights, Great Lake Swimmers and The Rural Alberta Advantage.

IndieCan Joe tires to put the Grinchy X back in Xmas but co-host Amelia Chester saves Christmas day. We have both cheery and bluesy seasonal Canadiana from Grey Cup songs of Jim Bryson to Rah Rah to GLS's Tonny Dekker covering a Burning Hell Song, Korb Lund. Hawksley Workman, The Weather Station, Choir! Choir! Choir! and more. Thanks Amelia for bringing some joy to Santa-claustraphobic IndieCan Joe's show. IndieCan 447Xmas2015_Special As always, feel free to share, download, re-post and/or comment.

IndieCan Music #446 continues our looks at 2015 with RUN, Van Damsel, Sarah Burton, Limblifter, Fortunate Ones, Laura Cole, Danko Jones, The Lazys, Bellwoods, ft. Ash Koley, Heather Ballentine, Peter Katz, The Mohrs, Julian Taylor Band, Poor Young Things, No Big Deal, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer and Alert The Medic.


IndieCan Music # 445 starts our stroll down 2015 memory-lane. A favorite of ours every year is Rendezvous With Madness, the festival that brings addiction, mental health and art together every Fall in Toronto.fest. We’ve got some talk about the films and some of the music from the festival. And as for the rest of the years, let’s see these artists trigger any memories: Hollerado, Hill & The Sky Heroes, Dan Mangan, Blacksmith, Joel Plaskett, Kandle, The National, Kite Party, Mimi O’Bonsawin, Pigeon Park, Good Lovelies, I Mother Earth, Gob, Daniel Wesley, Rah Rahs and HOTH (Head of the Herd).


IndieCan Music # 444 ignores the snore of the recent Grammy nominations and celebrates great Canadian indie. Enjoy Head of the Herd, Amelia Curran, Gob, Zeus, Hey Ocean, Ginger St. James, Van Damsel, Wanting, The Balconies, Fake Shark, Your Favorite Enemies, Hill & The Sky Heroes, Hollerado, Great Lake Swimmers, Steph Macpherson and Dearly Beloved. Now that’s music.


IndieCan Music Episode 443 has hot new downloads and some nostalgic classic indie from some of our all-time favs. Here’s the lineup - Pigeon Park, High Ends, Good Lovelies, Christian D, Gay Nineties, Angela Saini, I Mother Earth, Young Galaxy, Julie Doiron, You + Me, Mother Mother, Digging Roots, Tokyo Police Club, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Heather Ballentine and Yukon Blonde – the End.


IndieCan Music show # 442 features The Town Heroes, Eugene Ripper, the award winning Amerlia Curran, Bon Evans, I Mother Earth, Beth Moore, Trent Severn, Big Wreck, Pigeon Park, Kink, Royal Canoe, Tokyo Police Club, Catl, Al Lukas and the Cowboy Junkies, too.


IndieCan Episode 441 features Peter Henry Phillips, Colin Linden, Lakes of Canada, Young Rival, Gob, Fortunate Ones, Trench Town Oddities, Winston Marley, Peter Katz, The Elwins, Hot Kid, Collette Andrea, Head of the Herd, Bellwoods (ft. Ash Koley) Born Ruffians and The Burn Ins. Once again, more of the best music you’ve never heard!

Indie Week 2015 is the focus of IndieCan Music # 440. The best chat I’ve had in a long time was at the Bond Hotel as part of Indie101, the Indie Week conference. I interviewed  Gern f. Vlchek about his book Turn Right, Turn Left, Repeat: Life on the Road with a Canadian Indie Band. Wait a minute; did I interview him or did he interview me? You be the judge. We talk about Reel Indie Film Festival (RiFF) with Cam Carpenter too and here’s the music: Stan Simon & the Hotel Bible, The Burn Ins, Kink, United Steel Workers of Montreal, The Smalls, Victoria + Jean, Mesa Jane, Steph Macpherson, Rah Rah, Myria Webber, Young Gallexy and Alessia Cohle – this is a show that I bet you’ll listen to more than once, not that we’re counting; just saying we love this episode, too. 

IndieCan Music#439 features Young Galaxy, Yukon Blonde, Rebecca Lappa, The Lazys, The New Electric, Sumo Cyco, The Bleeding Lights, Thunderclap, Rosie & The Riveters, Great Lake Swimmers, Young Rival, Yuka, Amber Haydey, and a blast from the past with TheDunes.  

IndieWeek Toronto, October 14th to 18th. Let's start with the punchline; here are pictures from the finals of Indie Week from the Mod Club Theatre. SUNDAY October 18th. ENJOY! IndieCan was part of a Indie-101 "Does Radio Still Matter? " panel, 12:15 at the Bond Hotel, Friday October 16th. Kick Off Party Gallary PICS here. Nineteen stops at venues on Wednesday October 14th HERE. Thursday October 15th, HERE Friday October 16th HERE. Visit Twitter Visit FaceBook for the latest.


IndieCan Music, Episode 438 is F'n good: First-timers and some of your Favs. We have Run, Yukon Blonde, Graffiti Crimes, The New Electric, a great chat and some tunes from Moulettes, Head of the Herd, The Lazys, No Big Deal, The Sheepdogs and The Stanfields. This podcast version contains some bonus interview and music that didn’t fit into the Radio version of # 438.


IndieCan Music #437 celebrates Toronto Urban Music Fest #TURF2015 and more. Thanks to Amelia and Anna for being there. Here’s the line up: Elliott Brood, The Julian Taylor Band, Catl, Hot Kid, The Elwins, Jim Bryson and The Weakerthans, Good Lovelies, Ian K., David Gogo, The Bleeding Lights & Hey Ocean.


On IndieCan Radio Episode 436, at the time of recording, was looking forward to the Fall; Toronto Urban Music Festival, Indie Week Toronto and new releases. Extensive TURF coverage comes next Episode with interviews with Catl and Jim Bryson. This episode starts with new songs from Young Rival, Hot Kid, and The Motorleauge. To get geared up about TURF we have Catl and The Elwins. Gern f. Vlichek of the United Steel Workers of Montreal and yours truly IndieCan Joe will be speakers at Indie Week in Toronto October 14th to 18th. Vern has a new book about being in a Canadian Indie band on the road: Turn Right, Turn Left, Repeat. To celebrate, we have some vintage USWM “Live-At-IndieCan” from DNA studios with Dave Cool to celebrate. We are just warming up; we have Peter Katz, feat. Royal Wood, Born Ruffians, The Bleeding Lights, Colin Linden, Head of the Herd, Goldenballs, Lesley Pike, The Implications, Samantha Savage Smith, Northern Heights and Brant Pethick. This is the maximum permitted fun in an hour permitted by law. Glad you made it to the party. 

IndieCan Music Epiosde # 435 Once again, we have artists that we are hyper-excited about sharing with you. No. 435 includes SC Mira, Sarah Burton, Joel Plasket, Jarret Lobley Project, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Jon Cohen Experimental, Good Lovelies, The Mohrs, Limblifter, Pigeon Park, Glass Ampp, The New Electric, Dearly Beloved, Dan Mangan Blacksmith, Daniel Wesley and Peter Katz. Listen, share with your friends, tell us what’s on your great-new-find list.

IndieCan Music Epiosode # 434 gets us in a Fall mood with Indie Week teasers and some Toronto Urban Roots Festival then and now with The Elwins and Joel Plaskett. We serve up new Danko Jones, Iman & The Wasted Lala’s, Mike Evin, Head of the Herd, Brant Pethick, No Big Deal, Born Ruffians, Kaskade, David Gogo, The Bleeding Lights, Alessia Cohle, Dencia and  Poor Young Things. Enjoy!


IndieCan Music Show # 433 includes The Bleeding Lights, No Big Deal, Young Novelists, Hot Kid, The Acorn, The Arkells, Alessia Cohle, The Implications, Head of the Herd, Northern Heights, The Stand Alones, Colin Linden, Lee Harvey Osmond, High Dials,  and Timeber Timbre – hope you like it as much as we do.


IndieCan Music presents Episode 432 with Fake Shark, The New Electric, The Trews, Christian D, Bellwoods,  Eugene Ripper, Hill & The Sky Heroes, Heather Ballentine, Yukon Blonde, Amelia Curran, Strada Armonia, Andy and The Fun Machine, High Ends, Alert the Medic, Ian K. and Daniel Wesley. Wow; this is In(die)-credible!

In Episode 431 of IndieCan Music members of OBGMs talk with IndieCan's Naz and Jesse about the importance of music festivals like Osheaga and Indie Week. Dearly Beloved is soakin’ up Euro festivals, Beth Moore’s new Five Out of Ten is getting the attention it deserves and Head of the Heard have some new music to share with us all. Also this week, Poor Young Things, Sumo Cyco, Rah Rahs, Daniel Wesley, Kandle, Die Mannequin, Luke Nicholson, Northern Heights and Van Damsel. 

IndieCan Music Episode 430 breaks out brave new indie with Kalle Mattson, Luke Nicholson, Katey Gatta, Dearly Beloved, Bellwoods, (ft. Ash Koley) No Joy, Lee Harvey Osmond, Fake Shark, Peter Katz, Little Coyote, Kandle, Poor Young Things, Rah Rah, Andy Kim, Old Man Luedecke and Beth Moore. – what a celebration of sound. :-)

IndieCan Music Episode 429 features Willa, Joel Plasket, Born Ruffians, Little Coyote, July Talk, Surinam, Cross Dog, Limblifter, Eugene Ripper, Lee Harvey Osmond, Katey Gatta, Jarret Lobley Band, The Key Frames, Sarah Burton, Good Lovelies, The New Electric, The Harponist & The Axe Murder, and Young Novelists. Now with more or the musical cultural your mind and body needs and less of the fatigue caused by excessive pop.  

IndieCan Music’s Episode 428 features Mimi O’Bonsawin, B.D. Gottfried, Danko Jones, The Uncluded, The Vincent(s), Alert The Medic, The Crooked Brothers, The Fortune Ones, Rah Rah, Sloan, Yukon Blonde, The Lazys, Daniel Wesley, The New Electric, Pigeon Park, Jenn Grant and  Old Man Canyon. Let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook :-)

At IndieCan we have Rock the Shore and Osheaga on our mind. Can you hear it? We have on Episode 327 of IndieCan Radio, Daniel Wesley, The Sheepdogs, Willa, 54-40, Ariane Moffatt, OBGMS, A Tribe Called Red, The Glorious Sons, Dearly Beloved, Jon Cohen Experimental, Peter Katz, Three Quarter Stone, Jarret Lobley Band, Mother Mother, Sarah Burton, Fortunate Ones and Mo Kenny with Joel Plaskett.


IndieCan Show # 426 features NXNE 2015 as we chat about movies never before seen in Canada, Diamond Tongues and Amy The Move. We spin APE (A Primitive Evolution), July Talk, Little Black Dress, Dearly Beloved, Catl, The Lazys, Pigeon Park, Rah Rah, Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party, Fortune Ones, Heather Ballentine, Peter Katz, Hill & The Sky Heroes, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Steve Gates and Ian K.


IndieCan Radio 425 has a mix of NXNE and other great new stuff: K-OS, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murder, Sarah Burton, Pigeon Park, The Sand Alones, Surinam, in conversation with IndieCan Radio, The Trews, Hollerado, Ginger St. James, Floatland, Prinz Ali, Chris Bikett and Don Brownrigg. How good is that? Enjoy.


IndieCan Music Episode 424 with The Trews, Daniel Wesley, Death From Above 1979, Eugene Ripper, Joel Plaskett, Beth Moore, Hollerado, Cross Dog, Pigeon Park, Wends, Goodbye Honolulu, Jordan Leser, The Jarrett Lobley Project, Christian D., Rick Rose and the Silent Hurricanes, Laura Cole & Emily Reid

NXNE 2015 - June 17 to 20 in a very, "it came from Texas" the 21st North By North East mirrored it's Austin SXSW counterpart in look and feel, more than ever. We were there: You may have been following our art, film and music commentary on  Twitter and Facebook last week. If so, you've seen what we've seen. In four neat packages, here are some photographic highlights of the streets of Toronto for NXNE 2015:

June 17th Wednesday June 18th Thurdsday June 19th Friday and June 20th Saturday. Of course, Norht By momentum carried through to Sunday and into Monday AM so visit Facebook for the rest.

IndieCan Music’s episode 423 includes Laura Cole, Say Yes, Flash Lightning, Gob, The Key Frames, Heather Ballentine, Dan Mangan Blacksmith, Ian Sherwood, Ian K., Good Lovelies, Floodland, The Peace Projectors, Eugene Ripper, Sarah Burton, and Art Bergman. 

Episode 422 of IndieCan Music features Peter Katz, singing a song with Royal Wood, Sarah Burton, Daniel Welsley, The Good Lovelies, Heather Ballentine, Van Damsel, The Commoners, Hill & The Sky Heroes, Beth Moore, The Elwins, Alan Doyle, Hollerado, Amelia Curren, Limblifter, Alessia Cohle, and Fortunate Ones. 

IndieCan Music Show # 421 has quite a bit of memories of Canadian Music Week going on. We have Cross Dog, Alvvays, The Glorious Sons, You + Me, Goodbye Honolulu, Wends, Shameem, The Dead Ships, Jordan Leser, Lee Harvey Osmond, Peter Katz, Your Favorite Enemy, Myria Webber, Gay Nineties, Saavy and Jon Cohen Experimental. You’re going to have some new favorite music soon :-)  

Chronologically, Episode 420 of IndieCan Music features #CMW2015 highlights and Canadian Music Week past. We have Like A Motorcycycle,  Cross Dog, Surinam, Jordan Leser, Ron Sexsmith, Sarah Burton, 1977, Little Foot Long Food, Hot Panda, Van Damsel, Hill and the Sky Heroes, Savvie, Young Novelists, Mother Mother, and Dearly Beloved.


We have content-Galore of Canadian Music Week From May 1 to 10, IndieCan was celebrating the best music you've never heard in the clubs. from the Conference, The Indies Music Awards, and the streets of Toronto. Some of the 15th Annual Indies Music Awards are HERE. Saturday May 9th you can see some of what we saw HERE. Music Nova Scotia hosted a showcase HERE; see Friday Night HERE , Thursday Night HERE, Wednesday night  HERE. See the hundres more  HERE. Visit us at Twitter &/or Facebook for the latest!

IndieCan Music presents Episode 419 with Kandle, Yukon Blonde, Jon Cohen Experimental, The Lazy’s, Peter Katz, Ben Sures, Daniel Welsley, Amelia Curran, The Elwins, Beth Moore, Alert The Medic, Denise Foglein, Hill and the Sky Heroes, Buck 65, Your Favorite Enemies and The Wilderness of Manitoba – it’s an hour of awesome with love from IndieCan.

IndieCan Music Episode 418: Here’s a taste of what we heard at Canadian Music Week: T. Nile, Alert The Medic, Walk Off The Earth, 1977, The Little Black Dress, Secret Broadcast, Pigeon Park, Le Trouble, Say Yes, Gay Nineties, The Royal Streets, The Nursery, Don Brownrigg, Dominique Fricot, Alejandra Ribera... more coming next week.


Episode 417 of IndieCan Radio features some CMW 2015 and other great new music. In order of appearance, keep your ears open and hands together for: Pigeon Park, Joel Plaskett, Jon Cohen Experimental, Eugene Ripper, Lee Harvey Osmond, Shawna Caspi, Why, Do Sumo Cyco, Yukon Blonde, Die Mannequin, Cancer Bats, Your Favorite Enemy, Timber Timbre, Beth Moore, Aaron Berger and the Blue Stars and  Jaquie Drew and the Crew- now that's a show.

Who’s restless? Looking for some great new musical finds? Episode 416 is so going to meet a need: In order of appearance, Your Favorite Enemy, Yukon Blonde, an interview with Beth Moore about her new CD, “Five out of Ten,” High Dials, A little CMW Indies Music Awards teaser with Broncho and Billy Talent, Limblifter, Jenn Grant (and Buck 65) Chantal Kravasiac, The Peace Projectors, Hill and the Sky Heroes and new Daniel Wesley.  

Episode 415 of IndieCan Radio features more new tunage for 2015 with Luke Nicholson, High Diamond, Myria Webber, Daniel Wesley, Torres, Autopilot, Peaches, Miss Sapphire, Timber Timbre, Eugene Ripper, Three Quarter Stone, Samantha Savage Smith, Joel Plaskett, and Your Your Favorite Enemy.

We’ve got Indies past and present and more. Here’s the order of appearance for Episode 414 of IndieCan Radio

: Alvvays, Billy Talent, Hollerado, Bronco, The Pack A.D., The Sheep Dogs, Yukon Blonde, Cowboy Junkies, Ariane Moffatt, Patrick Krief, The Lazys, Shake International Zombies of Love, Steve Gates and Good For Grapes.   

Episode 413 starts with compound words, Limblifter, Floodland, Autopilot and (Hill and the) Sky Heroes. Then three men of newness with Eugene Ripper, Dan Mangan and Joel Plaskett. We go west to east coast with Mother Mother and Fortuante Ones, pack the van and set the clock for Onario with Sarah Burton, Tokyo Police Club, Jade Naraine and Silvergun & Spleen. Hop back in; there's two more Stops out west with Kandle and Edmonton's Stone Iris. Thanks for choosing IndieCan Transit.

Episode 412 is a celebration of mostly 2015 newness: Starting with East Good home-cooking, Joel Plasket, Amelia Curran, Alan Doyle, The Acorn, Sarah Burton, Hollerado, Firefly Serena Ryder, CMW buzz band, The Lazys, Danko Jones, Floodland, Pigeon Park, Ill Scarlett, Sarah Curle, The Strumbellas, Secret Broadcast and back to the East with Fortune Ones. 

IndieCan Radio # 411, in order of appearance, we have The Elwins, Sumo Cyco, Lee Harvey Osmond, Sarah Burton, Joel Plasket, JJ and the Pillars, PUP, Elliott Brood, Kandle, The Arkells, Leather Jacket Dan Mangan Blacksmith, YUCA, Like A Motorcycle, Jacquie Drew and the Crew, Stars and Mimi O’Bonsawin – that’s how we say awesome in an hour. 

Episode 410 of IndieCan Radio has more of the best music you’ve never heards, including Winterfolk - #XIII which kicked the 2015 music-outing year and Winterfolk past. This week we hear from the Julian Taylor Band, Ginger St. James, Brian Gladstone, Grainee Ryan, Gay Nineties, Gob, Aaron Berger & The Blue Stars, Hey Ocean, a live at IndieCan recording of the United Steel Workers of Montreal to celebrate Gern f. Vlchek’s new book, Turn Right, Turn Left, Repeat: Life On the Road for the Canadian Indie Band. But wait, there’s The Mohrs, Johnny Demarco, Jon Cohen Experimental, Ben Sures, Why and Eugene Ripper. 

Channeling the Festival Express, the #409 arrives at IndieCan Station with some friends from Winterfolk XIII. Katey Gatta’s album is out 13 months now and the XIII Winterfolk started on Friday the 13th… spooky? Not so much, really; more snowy than spooky. So we cut back on the songs and spend more time with exclusives from the artists. Here’s who we bring you on Episode 409: Ben Sures, Katey Gatta., Shawna Caspi, C.D. Onofrio, Beth Moore, Aaron Berger and the Perpetual Peace Project. 

So, February 13th to 15th 2015 in Toronto was WinterFolk on the Danforth. Here's Winterfolk XIII day by day. Enjoy all five galleries:

Thursday opening gala with Ben Sures, Linda McRae, Brian Gladstone, Juian Taylor, Clela Errington and more. Here's Friday with Danny Marks and some new friends, Angela Saini, Trevor Jones, The Heavy Weight Brass Band as part of 137 picutres of musical fun. 

Saturday starts with Gallery ONE: Hotcha!, Vivienne Wilder Band, Seneca College Music Program, The Fabulous Gladstones, Lynne Myles, Linda McRae, Swamperella and more.
Gallery TWO includes Niagra’s Perpetual Peace Project with C.D. Onofrio, Aaron Berger, Beth Moore and Katey Gatta. Gallery THREE includes Terri O's and Dora Keogh's artists, Julian Taylor, Brian Gladstone, The Wanted, The O'Pears, D'Arcy Wickham and more. Sunday includes the Blues jam with Jack De Keyzer, Moonshine Cafe Performers, Jo Jo Worthington and more. We'll be talking with Ben Sures, Julian Taylor, The Perpetual Peace Project and more, more more.

The Mohrs, Flash Lightning, Danko Jones, Mimi O’Bonsawin, Dan Mangan Balcksmith, Kandle, Digging Roots, Chantal Kreviazuk, Fortunate Ones, Julian Taylor Band, Angela Saini, Hollerado, The Elwins, The Manitee, The Wilderness of Manitoba and Jeanna Glatt, round out the line up for IndieCan Radio Episode 408 (click to listen if you don't hear the show in your browser)

  On Episode 407, along with some other meaningful tunes, we take a look at this year’s Juno shenanigans with a special the already compelling but not universally known artist. Here’s how this week’s listen lays out:  Alan Doyle, 54-40, Sumo Cyco, Brancho, Alvvays, The Arkells, You + Me, Amelia Curran, Elliott Brood, Jenn Grant (with Buck 65), Mother Mother, Julian Taylor Band, Jon Cohen Experimental and Big Wreck.

IndieCan Radio # 406 features Why, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Jaquie Drew, The Elwins, Jon Cohen Experimental, Danko Jones, Die Mannequin, 5J Barrow, Fortunate Ones, The Trews, Ill Scarlett, Mother Mother, The Maladies of Adam Stokes, Death From Above 1979, L.A. Foster and Hallows Die. 

IndieCan Radio # 405 features Fortunate Ones, Buck 65, Mo Kenny, Andy Kim, The Trews (with Serena Ryder), Jaquie Drew and the Crew, Samantha Savage Smith, Jenna Glatt, Tokyo Police Club, Miss Sapphire, Farewell Davidson, The Lazys, High Dials, Juno nominees Elliott Brood and Amelia Curran + Say Yes

Episode 404 of IndieCan Radio includes The Mohrs, Farewell Davidson, Rebecca Lappa, The Rising Few, Danko Jones, Kally Mattson, Chris Koster, Hollerado, Jon McKiel, The Matinee, Eight Cubed, Mise en Scene, Jon and Roy, The Meds The Wilderness of Manitoba and Matt Anderson. How sweet it is. Enjoy.

IndieCan Radio, for one last series 400 radio shows, looks at 2014 in Episode 403. In order of appearance,  Eugene Ripper, Mother Mother, Hollerado, Christian D, Die Mannequin, L.A. Forster, Hearts and Wires, Glass Ampp, Metric, Jojo Worthington, Art Bergmann, OBGMS and Jeffery Straker. 

Episode 402 - 2014 in review  part Deax features some of the bands that played some of the great Canadian music festivals in ’14. Here’s the lineup:  Death from Above 1979, Wildlife, Old Man Canyon, The Meds, Your Favorite Enemy, JJ and The Pillars, Royal Canoe, Tokyo Police Club, Zeus, Little Foot Long Foot, International Zombies of Love, Metric, Care F. and Die Mannequin, Say Yes, Digging Roots and Nadia Kazmi Dime Store Punks.  

As the 401 series of epiosodes was destined to do, IndieCan 401celebrates High Way 2014. IndieCan Radio #401 as we talk with Care F. of Die Mannequin about their new album Neon Zero. We look at NXNE Canadian Music Week, Indie Week and some of the great new music that hit the airwaves in ’14. Here’s an order of appearance: Pigeon Park, The Uncluded (Aesop Rock x Kimya Dawson), The Brendan Hines, The Royal Streets, Ill Scarlet, The Julian Taylor Band, Die Mannequin, Yuka, Head of the Herd, Mother Mother, and Gob. More coming soon; enjoy. 

Bye, bye 2014.Episode 400 is 2014 in review, Part I - including, Kill Matilda, Ginger St. James, The Pack AD, Chantal Kreviazuk, Grainee, Jim Armstrong Band, Hollerado, Triano, Gay Nineties, Big Wreck, Like A Motorcycle, Matt Anderson, Serena Ryder, Good For Grapes, Flash Lightning, and Janie Bouchard

IndieCan Show No. 399,  in order of appearance, Glass Ampp, Eugene Ripper, Mo Kenny, Christian D, The Manitee, The Nursery, Why, Black Lion, David Myles, You + Me, Betty Moon, The Maladies of Adam Stokes, Bruce Lee and…. The Lazys will shake it like they mean it!


IndieCan Radio Show # 398

More Madness & Music includes two interviews about high-achievers such as athletes and the temptation of drugs and alcohol. Rendezvous with Madness looks at mental health and addiction in both hockey and baseball. From the "No No: A Dockumentary" screening, we talk with Dock Ellis's former player manager, Tom Reich + Psychologist, Dr. Kate Hays - prepare to get some questions answered. For music, Serena Ryder teams up with The Trews, K-OS, David Myles, Die Mannequin and Mother Mother have some brand new music, too. We have The Highs, Amelia Curran, Hot Kid, jay Sparrow, Ron Hynes, New Country Rehab, The Kiss and Tells and Alert the Medic.


IndieCan Radio Show # 397 is all about Madness and Muisc. First, Rendezvous with Madness. We review Signe Baumane's "Rocks in My Pockets" + "Gabriel" starring Rory Calkin + Wayne Wapeemukwa's "LUK'LUK'I: MOTHER""No No: A Dockumentary"about the controversial Pittsburg Pirates pitcher, Dock Ellis. That's madness, and now for the music. In order of appearance we have Say Yes, JJ and the Pillars, Ria Mae, Hollerado, Alvvays, Ladyhawk, A Primitive Evolution, The Kendra Gale Band, Elliott Brood, The Zolas, Barney Bentall, Catl, Ill Scarltett, D.O.A. and Little Foot Long Foot.


IndieCan Radio Episode 396 has a little of the “Wow, I’ve never heard that!” you come to expect plus some nostalgia that will tweak long-time listeners memories. Here’s the order: Tokyo Police Club, Said the Whale, High Ends, Die Mannequin, Mother Mother, The Dunes, Chinese Food, Alert the Medic, The Trews, Frankie McQueen, Sarah Burton, Return for Refund, Silvergun and Spleen, Emily Reed, Amelia Curran. What an hour I’m having!

A film festival in Toronto about addiction and mental health. Check the full schedule and buy tickets here @ Rendezvous With Madness. Follow IndieCan commentary at Twitter and Facebook.


Indie Week's Sunday showcase of the best of the fest at the Mod Club: 200 pics of performers, presenters and winners.

Here's More: Friday October 16th Indie Week  Thursday Oct 16th    Wednesday Oct 15th's bands.

It was the best IndieWeek Toronto ever. Stone Iris from Alberta win #1 prize and will be representing us at Indie Week Europe in Manchester UK. The Hot Sprockets from Dublin came 2nd and Brooklyn's 5J Barrow was 3rd over all. See all the 10 finalists performing in the 200 picture gallery and visit Indie Can Twitter to re-tweet your favs and share your pics, thoughts, experience at IndieCan Facebook

Episode 395 of IndieCan Radio features recent highlights and flashbacks to earlier this millennium. We remember Indie Week with The Balconies, 5 J Barrow, an interview with Yuka + we have Kandle, Jon & Roy The Wilderness of Manitoba, Martha and the Muffins, Hill & The Sky Heroes, Ill Scarlett, Megan Lane, Jojo Worthington and the latest from Art Bergmann.

Show # 394

celebrates Indie Week 2014 including exclusive interviews + the music of Mojo Gogo, OBGMS, 5J Barrow, Frankie McQueen, Stone Iris, Return for Refund, The Malady of Adam Stokes + new tunage from Elliott Brood, Amelia Curran and Art Bergmann.


Show # 393

rocks with Eugene Rippers, Amelia Curran, Why, Megan Lane, The Wilderness of Manitoba, You + Me, Mo Kenny, a Reel Independent Film Festival (RiFF) interview with Johnny Winter band’s Paul Nelson about the new movie Johnny Winter: Down & Dirty and Mo Kenny


On Episode 392 IndieCan Radio has a whole lotta’ just what a seeking mind craves - the best music you've never heard. This waiting for Rendezvous with Madness film festival to start is putting a dent in the ol’ mental health reserves. Distraction is in order, so for the next hour we comfort your wanton mind with Say Yes, Eugene Rippers, the P!nk and Green of You + Me, JJ and the Pillars, our Interview with Sky Sweetnam at Toronto Independent Music Awards and of course some Sumo Cyco to go with it. We talk TIMAs with Silvergun and Spleen, Jojo Worthington, we have Dom De Luca, High Ends, James Black, Dan Mangan Blacksmith, Denise Foglein, and Rock out with the Lazys. Oh, and we Pop Montreal with L.A. Foster. Say, isn’t that more culture per hour than legally permitted? We’re so bad.

Johnny Winter Down & Dirty, the documentary kicked of IndieWeek & RiFF (Reel indie Film Festival) October 14th (RiFF)

Johnny Winter (February 23, 1944 - July 16, 2014) always thought he could make a living playing guitar. While brother Edgar thought maybe he'd be a scientist or teacher if the music business said "no," Johnny said, "I had no plan B; I had to make it work." Johnny Winter's first love was the blues and he was emulating Muddy Waters and BB King. The albino brothers, Johnny and Edgar got their start in Beaumont Texas, singing Everly Brother songs for locals. Johnny died on tour in Europe, still doing Plan A.

There were some close calls, especially due to heroin addiction. "All the 'Js' were dying, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, I wondered if Johnny was next." This story of a rocker/blues-man going south took a turn for the better as Paul Nelson took over managing Johnny, got him off methadone and played along side Johnny as he got his life and career back on track. Just after his 70th birthday Johnny did die but we can all be greatful that this documentary was made to share this great legacy. Joe Perry, Bill Gibson, Edgar Winter and Johnny himself, help tell the tale of a Classic Rock Top 20 who was a blues man at heart. You have idols, I do; so did Johnny. He'll talk about his and those whom he touched will talk about him. I don't care what your genre is, if you're serious about music with a dream of making songs and performance your day job, this is a must-see documentary.


Catch all the Indie Week and RiFF (Reel indie Film Fest)  Coverage from IndieCan Twitter and Facebook several times a day. Last night kicked of with movies like A Life in the Death of Joe Meek ( a film that shows how far back DIY and special effects in music go. We learned a thing or two). Performers included Sarah Burton, UBI & FU, Winter's End, Dusty Tucker, Mojo Go Go, Sumo Cyco (pictured @ right), The Stogies, Running Red Lights and more.

IndieCan Radio Episode 391 cel

bebrates Fall in Eastern Canada with PoP Montreal, Toronto Independent Music Awards and Indie Week. We have Brews Willis, Meredith Shaw, Jeffery Stracker, L.A. Foster, Towanda, Ji Nati Lotus, Julian Taylor Band, Abstract Art Form, The Nursery, Emily Reed Hallow Die, Sumo Cyco and Jeremy Fisher.


IndieCan Radio Episode 390

gets gitty about POP Montreal and Indie Week Toronto. We spin the best music you've never heard including The Lazys, Scott Richmond, Dave Martell, Mozart's Sister, Pat Jordache, Little Foot Long Foot, Dan Mangan Blacksmith, Buck 65, Tim Chaisson, A Primitive Evoltuion, Whale Tooth, Ascot Royals, The Trews and Ria Mae.


IndieCan Radio Episode 389

from start to finish includes The Kendra Gale Band, The Lad Classics, Dan Mangan Blacksmith, Your Favorite Enemy, David Myles, Secret Broadcast, Mia Dyson, the Meds, Ill Scarlett, Angel Beach, Victoria Dunfield, Buck 65, Sloan, The Done Fores and The Balconies.


Want to hear Episode 388 agian? Click away. We feature Ria Mae, The Pack A.D., Kalle Mattison, Beautiful Nothing, Jim Armstrong, Head of the Herd, Highs, The Balconies, Matt Anderson, Grainne, Brian Gladstone, New Country Rehab, Daisy Blue Groff, Victoria Dunfield, Union Duke, and Alert The Medic

Episode 387

Catch Episode 386 or our Osheaga & Rock the Shores shows and more: Episode 385  

 Toronto Independent Music Awards 2014

September 2014 was the tenth anniversary of the TIMAs and IndieCan has always been there. Not dependent on record sales or industry association, a panel of judges evaltuate songs on their own merit. It isn't all about awards, it's a party and you can't have a party without music. Sumo Cyco closed out a night (pictured here with TIMA founder Dani Oliva) of variety that also included EH440, Jeffery Straker, Sarah Smith and Philly Moves. A highlight of winners includes Jojo Worthington winner in the Folk category but also taking the ultimate Best Song prize, The Beaches, Silvergun & Spleen, Tobias The Owl, The Nursery Micah Barnes, Allan Rayman, Emily Reid, Elaina Cuevas, Halows Die Maggie Szabo and Jai Nitai Lotus were all winners.

The Jury that decided applicants fate were broadcaster Alan Cross, Urbanoloyb Mag's Priya Ramanujam and Phillip McPherson, Indie Label exec, Ari Kaplan, TV, Radio producer Korey Schaefer and award winning songwriter/producers Hill Kourkoutis and Christopher Ward. Below, top row: Hallows Die, Jai Nitai Lotus, Silvergun & Spleen, middle row: performer Jeffery Straker with organizer Dani Oliva, Jojo Worthington with IndieCan Joe, The Nursery, bottom row: performer Sarah Smith, performers Philly Moves and crew, Emily Reid. SEE ALL THE PICS HERE - visit the TIMAs website

Toronto Independent Music Awards 10 Year Bash


TURF  was July 4, 5, 6,  this summer. Follow our TURF Saturday coverage which includes Sam Roberts, New Country Rehab, Hey Rosetta! Violent Femmes, Shovels and Rope, Gaslight Anthem, Drive-By Truckers, Waco Brothers, Joyce Manon, The Strumbellas, Sam Cash & The Romantic dogs, Pokey Lafarge, The Stanfiends, Caitlin Rose, Old Man Markley and Andrew Jackson Jihad.


Sunday includes Hollerado, July Talk, Jeff Tweedy, Jenny Lewis, Gogol Bordello, Meutral Milk Hotel, Man Man, Bidiniband, Joe Pug, Noah Gundersen, Ladies of the Canyon, Devin Cuddy Band, Paper Kites, Jon Langford & The Burlington Welsh Male Chorus and Twin Forks


Friday pics and ranom TURF pics throughout the weekend are on IndieCan's FACEBOOK 

NXNE Pics from Wednedsay June 18, 2014 (Bands on Queen Street including The Cliks, Dearly Beloved, Hands and Teeth and Geurilla Toss.

NXNE Pics from Opening Night NXNE Gala and Red Carpet

NXNE Thursday June 19 including The Wet Secrets, Fevers, Wrestlers, Jim Cuddy and Whitehorse, Tom Wilson (Lee Harvey Osmond) and Harlan Pepper, Kill Matilda, Molly Thomason, Manitoba Music's Sweet Alibi, Slow Leaves and Federal Lights, NQ Arbuckle, Sydney York, Hannah Epperson.

NXNE Friday June 20 includes Jessica Mitchell at the Dakota, Eagulls at Festival Village, Macaulay Culkin's Pizza Underground, Thug Entrancer and the comedy of Garrett Jaimeson from The Great Hall, Trembling Bells and John Southworth at the Drake Undergroup plus more of IndieCan Wendy's eye on one of the stars of NXNE - the streets of Toronto.

NXNE Saturday Performances that IndieCan saw include Until The Ribbon Breaks from Yonge/Dundas Square, from the Cameron inside and from the make-shift outdoor patio we have Zeus, Stephanie, Sam Cash, Lynn Jackson Band, Ferrano Cameron and Brad Filatre. From the Rivoli, Camera and Rachel Ries, we caught Kalle Mattson at the St. James Gazebo and from the Audio Blood roof-top party, we have Slow Down Molasses, Army Girls and Old Man Canyon.

Check our Facebook for more bands, comedy and NXNE interactive.


Other recent radio shows to choose from (turn of or pause the player above and then click on these hyperlinks):

Episode 378

celebrates great Canadian outdoor music festivals such as Rock The Shore, Osheaga and TURF which just rocked Toronto. This show features:Tokyo Police Club, Kill Matilda, 54-40, Flash Lightning, Mother Mother, JulianTaylor Band, D.O.A., Bend Sinister, Good For Grapes, Amanda Blush, The Stanfields, Motel Raphael, Shane Chisholm, Bright Light Social Hour, Jon and Roy from the West coast and Mo Kenny from the East.  


EPISODE 377: Scott Richmond of Saskatchewan wrote a song called "Rain on the Roof." Considering the flooding in Manitoba and Saskatchewan this week he may have inspired the ire of superstitious stubble jumpers but you decide. We have this song as well as another prophetic song about Green Water and you can determine if Mr. Richmond has put a curse on the prairie Province. Also, we have Hockey lovin’ Johnny DeMarco, Alert the Medic, Royal Canoe, Serena Ryder, IZOL, JRF, Justin Nozuka, Bry Webb, Justin Taylor Band, Big Wreck, Dance With Dirt, Grainee Ryann, and Slowcoaster.


Episode 380. If you don’t hear it streaming now, perhaps your mobile device doesn’t support flash and you can stream it, or download the show @

From the film festival of North By, we talk to director Steve Tozzi of Riot on the Dance Floor about the punk/metal scene in Trenton NJ’s City Gardens and how that mid-1980s scene influenced his documentary about promoter Randy Now and the emergence of the Do It Yourself (DIY) work ethic in alternative music. Dean from the Canadian band Wildfire talks to us about the making of their 2013 album which is captured in the 2014 movie Born to Ruin.

Also providing tunage, we have new music from James Black, The Trews and Kevin Drew. But wait, there’s more: Molly Thomason, D.O.A., Nadia Kazmi, Hot Panda, Fevers, Sunrise and Good People, and The Black Fevers.



Episode 376 of IndieCan Radio brings you some of the best music you’ve never heard from CMW. Okay, festival directors, no fighting—it’s all about the music fans, right?

So, here’s what we’re hearing for an hour: Motel Rafael, Blue Venues, Dave Cormier, Dance With Dirt, International Zombies of Love, Angela Saini (pictured here), The Highs, PuP, David Miles with Classified, Mother Mother and Little Black Dress. This week’s show includes exclusive interviews and some of our happy new finds. Enjoy. (Stream or download here: IndieCan Radio Episode 376

CMW (Canadian Music Week) was wild! Visit the link if you're feeling nostalgic.

Or check out who won and who played at the CMW Indie Music Awards on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER and if you were there, share your experiences with us.


Attention Radio trackers and FM Radio programers: Cue sheets and IndieCan Radio Edit (60 minute) episodes are available HERE

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IndieCan Radio Episode 353 features Don Brownrigg - an exclusive with IndieCan. Don and this band played Toronto's The Supermarket on the day It Takes All Kinds to Make This World I Find came out on vinyl, digital and CD. What a great show, featuring an indepth talk. Also this week, Pale Eyes, Air Marshall Landing, Mo Kenny, Megan Bonnell, more Ray Condo, THe Darcys, Hey Marseilles, Mother Mother and Professor.


Brian Lindstrom (pictured), film maker, brought Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse to Rendezvous With Madness. We have crazy music - crazy good with a mental health & addiction slant. We have Mo Kenny, Ladyhawk, Transmission NOw, Hill & The Sky Heroes, Dinosaur Bones, The Wipers, A.i., Sigrun Stella, Patrick Krief, Flash Lightening, Die Mannequin, Fevers, Julien Fuath, Lee Harvey Osmond, D.O.A., God Made Me Funky and IndieCan coverage of the Rendezvous With Madness film and art festival.

Brian Lindstrom's TedX talk HERE

Looking for all the sounds of Indie Week? Click on our Events page for your selection on Indie Week on IndieCan. Right now we're listening to Indie Week Show II with Open Air and The Turks back stage at Tattoo Rock Parlour, Sunday night at Indie Week. Also on this show a sneak preview of our Don Brownrigg interview, The Rick Parnell Band, Deep Dark Woods, Poor Yonge Things, Flash Lightening, Dinosaur Bones and Serena Ryder.

Mental Health - we all have some. Nothing should be more dear to music fans than a film festival devoted to addiction and mental health. Rendezvous with Madness ran in Toronto November 11th through 16th. IndieCan was there and has some heavy mental content coming soon. Check the program

Hear IndieCan Radio coverage of Indie Week on the EVENTS page. Congrats to all of the musical performers who wooed judges and fans all the way to the Indie Week finals Sunday October 20th at the Tattoo Rock Parlour.  Indie Week 2013 ran from October 16th to the 20th and my only wish was that it ran all month so I could take more of it in. I am sure the fans, bands and industry feel the same way.

Pictured above are eager Indie Week fans getting ready for fun at one of the new clubs to Indie Week 2013, Adelaide Hall. In upcoming IndieCan radio we will take you backstage and front-row-centre for the best of the festival. The band Open Air from Calgary (pictures left) will be part of IndieCan Radio soon. They were part of the winning at Indie Week, too. Other exclusive interviews with our favorites for the week along with some new tunage will soon fill the on IndieCan Radio airwaves on Sirius/XM The Verge (SXM Radio), our college/community FM partners and podcasted to the world. Go to our EVENTS page for pictures, pictures are commentary. Congrats to the sponsors, volunteers and Indie Week staff for showing everyone a memorable Toronto good time.

  Visit Indie Week HERE.


More Indie Week Radio: CLICK HERE

IndieCan Radio celebrates Indie Week in the clubs and at the conference. We hear from Darryl Hurs (Indie Week founder) and Rob Higgins (Dearly Beloved) who were two of four parts to a great DIY (Do it yourself Independent Music) panel at Indie Week.

Have you heard? We share the excitement of Sunday October 20th with the announcement of the winner of Indie Week. As for music, we have Handsome Distraction on a Canada-wide tour from Victoria BC, The Bloody Five, Slyde, Sumo Cyco, Blackdog Ballroom, Mad June, Alert the Medic, Norway’s viseMenn and Jordan Kalssen. Next week: more interviews and more Indie Week.




Edgefest 2013 saw 20,000 Torontonians call in sick and head for Downview Park for a sun - on, sun - off, rain - on, rain - off weekday of fun and music. Click on our REVIEWS page for hundreds of pics and two radio shows full of Edgefest exclusives in sight and sound.



More IndieCan Coverage of TURF and EdgeFest is on Facebook, coming to our review page very soon. NXNE with a little hels from Wendy L. Rombough, Brian Rombough, Sam Bowman, Jesse Beatson, Gaby Harvey and Joe C.North By North East IndieCan Stye.  

GET ALL THE NXNE INDIECAN COVERAGE on our EVENTS PAGE - pics, radio shows links and commenatry.





Friday March 22nd, the Indie Music Awards were handed out at the Kool Haus with Sirius/XM host, Jeff Leake holding court.Congrats to Canadian Music Award winners: Cold Specks, Japaniods, Metric, Matt Mays, deadmau5, Marianas Trench, Said the Whale, Big Wreck, Canailles, Poor Young Things, Cadence Weapon, The Wooden Sky and Yukon Blonde.Winners and Presenters are coming soon, but lurk at the Performances HERE. Hey, remember "Where's Waldo?" Well, see if you can find the Surb-Superb in the Yukon Blonde performance. Oh, and then there's the awards. See a photo gallery of the Awards HERE.

CMW crashes Toronto and is the official end to winter, no matter what the weather outside. The 13th annual Indies Awards are Friday Night this year at the Kool Haus, doors at 7 PM, show starts at 8. Metric, Simple Plan and Colin James are all being recognized. The Vikings are coming, the Vikings are coming. CMW does Scandinavia. None stop music in the clubs starts Tuesday night and goes longer than you can - all the way to Sunday night (technically Monday morning). PACE YOURSELVES Toronto. CHECK OUT THE CMW MUSIC, MOVIES, COMEDY, GUEST SPEAKERS, AWARDS and MORE HERE CMW CMW CMW or follow us on FACEBOOK here

Episode 316 includes new music from Donolyn, Goodnight Starlight and Dylan Guthro. Oh, and there's some CMW past and present that we know you love - un hun! Seen below from Wednesday at CMW, from Vancouver to Halifax, top left to bottom right, Delta Will, Dawn and Marra, Nuella Charles, The Stanfields, The Standstills and SoHO Ghetto. See the whole gallery HERE


Thursday included some cool ideas from the Music Conference. Retink your social media strategies if you're a band. Everyone wants to follow and be followed by friends with 1,000 friends (followers). If you have over 500 friends, do you read your news feeds? Of course you don't - no time. But Twitter Followers who just follow 10 to 12 people - these people do read their news feeds because the care and the aren't overwhelmed. Less is more sometimes. Anyway, IndieCan is talking to The Stanfields, Mo Kenney, Dave Cool of Bandzoogle and more. Thursday in the clubs includes The Zolas, Mo Kenney, The Strumbellas and Poor Young Things, Grimskunk, Bend Sinsiter, Mise en Scene and Jojeto. See it all HERE





 above, from the SiriusXM Indie Award perfromances, three of the award winners, Female artist of the year, Cold Specks,emerging artist of the year (French) Canailles and group of the year, Metric.See the AWARDS gallery and PERFORMANCE gallery. Then there's Saturday at CMW. See A Primative Evolution, Bille Dre and the Poor Boys from the Music Nova Scotia showcase, Cookie Duster (with Rob Higgins of Dearly Beloved) at the Horseshoe, Jess Moskaluke at the Cadillac Lounge, JF Robitaille, Light Asylum, The Autum Portrait, The Gay Nineties, The Wides, We Hunt Buffalo and Wil at the Gladstone, See our Saturday HERE

SUNDAY we were at the corner of Ossington and Dundas. It was the Dakota Tavern, The Painted Lady and The Garrison. Check out Boys, Emma McKenna, Jordan David, Zoo Legacy and Alright, Alright. See it HERE


CLICK on our EVENTS page above for more March Madness a la Canadian Music Week.




Rendezvous WIth Madness coverage can be found on our Review page, cliick it now for reviews of William Kurelek's The Maze, Passionflower, Completely Cuckoo, Titicut Follies and more.


Rendezvous, now in it's 20th year was the first film festival to match art with addiciton and mental health.


THE LATEST AT INDIECAN: TORONTO INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS celebrated emerging music in T.Dot and beyond October 6th at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. IndieCan coverage coming soon.  Can't wait? See pics NOW CLICK, CLICk CLICK. See who won at

Joey “Shithead” Keithly is taking D.O.A.s studio album # 18th “We Come in Peace” and current band mates, Jesse Pinner on drums and Dan Yaremko on bass on the road. That makes the total current and past members of DOA 21 punk rockers since their Vancouver inception in 1978. On top of the studio albums there are eight compilation albums a great live album and many EPs that started with the four song offering, “Disco Sucks” and ending with “We Occupy, “likely a tribute to the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy the World movement.

Why was my heading Rest in Peace, D.O.A? Joey Keithley is putting his money where his mouth is and running for the New Democratic Party so he can occupy parliament. D.O.A. has never been a band of "life’s not fair and it’s the establishment’s fault," whiners. The D.O.A. motto, which is a kick in the pants to the Punk Rock movement itself, is Talk – Action = Zero. The work ethic for this band has always been more than simply identifying and injustice. D.O.A. has been to do something about it—be part of the solution.

So it comes down to this, we might not be losing one of the great punks of all time; we may be gaining an influential insider. I asked Joey, “Does this mean you don’t think music can change the world, anymore?” Without hesitation, Keithley looked me in the eye and said, “Music does change the world and it always will. I am just doing what I have to do. It’s been long days on this tour. Between gigs I am knocking on doors and asking for support.” Joey Keithley is doing what he has always done but he’s bringing Talk – Action = Zero to the political arena.

Friday October 12th D.O.A. played a packed house at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. I hope the next generation of punk rockers took notes. What an entertainer Joey “Shithead” Keithley is. He still has it in terms of singing and performance. He respects his craft as a songwriter, a guitar player and as a front-man. He knows that music is an audio visual experience. He showed us, as he has done time and time again, that music is about a message, the messenger and the audience. The mosh pit moshed, the band played three encores, the night was electric. If this was the last D.O.A. concert I will ever see I am grateful to have been a small part of the ride. He leaves us with a great final CD which has some noticeable guest appearances. There is a cover of the Beatles, “Revolution;” how fitting. Rest in peace, D.O.A., The Canadian political scene is making way for one more shithead. As shitheads go we have a good one in Joey Keithley.

IndieCan Radio will be featuring D.O.A. throughout the balance of 2012. See some pics by Wendy L. Rombough HERE. Keep up with D.O.A. HERE.


INDIECAN RADIO is now editing episode 300. Give yourselves a hand for being part of team inidecan for over six years. Andre Skinner and Joe Chisholm started a podcast called the Toronto Indie Scene, motivated in part by the first ever Toronto Independent Music Awards. Andre and Joe loved how emerging music was being celebrated in a way that commericial radio would not. This was before Satalite Radio, Google of Facebook's public offering. We didn't want the momentum to fade. We knew this type of energy had to ignited every week. Episode 1 included an interview with Producer, Indie Hall of Fame inductee, Moe Berg (The Pursuit of Happiness). We had the Ryan Luchuck band play live off the floor from Exhaust Sound Studio and we played the music of Robin Black, Crash Kelly, Great Lake Swimmes, Bronx Cheerleaders and some of the new bands we learned about at the TIMAs. We are on THE VERGE on Sirius/XM Radio Tuesday nights, enjoyed on indie FM stations from Ontario to the Sunshine Coast of BC and Canada is generally 4th or 5th each week in countries that log on to listen to our archive here. Canadian Emerging Music is shit-hot worldwide. Listeners tune in from 126 countries.

Happy 300 everyone. Hear Episode ONE HERE


In August 2012, over 130 different episodes of IndieCan Radio were listened to by music fans in 128 countries. Top ten listeners by region are USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Mexico, France, Japan and the Ukraine. You can find episodes and Cue Sheets (order of songs/artists) on our DOWNLOADS page

Hillside Music Festival (Guelph Ontario July 27 – 29, 2012) has become over their 29 years, the always sold out event that artists and fans don't want to miss. IndieCan was there. Click on EVENTS for commentary, INDIECAN RADIO episodes devoted to Hillisde and WLR Photography coverage of the life, the music  and Hillside culture. IndieCan Radio will include exclusives from Joel Plaskett, Tony Decker of Great Lake Swimmers and emerging bands, The Crooked Brothers (pictued right) and Rival Boys. We have over ten galleries that include every day, every stage and a 2012 walk through of Hillside 29 in Guelph Ontario.

Pictured left is Kathleen Edwards, part of the Friday fun as was the three above, Maylee Todd, Walk Off The Earth and Stereo Kid. We have more with Elliot Brood, Mickey Hart Band (Grateful Dead), Zeus, Rich Aucoin, The Bright Light Social Hour, The Wooden Sky, Valdy, Sidi Tourne the Sunday Gospel Hour with Be Good Tanyas, Birds of Chicago and Elephant Rivival. IndieCan Radio, heard on Sirius/XM The Verge Channel 151, great college and community FM stations in Canada and of course, podcasted your way right here on our RADIO page has Hillside past and present for you to stream on our EVENTS page, so get to it and try to pace yourself.


Team IndieCan, as always, was on the streets of Toronto with this year's version of North By North East. We saw films, scoped new bands and learning from industry insiders about tech and trends that will impact being a fan or a band. Check out or EVENTS page for Movie/Documentary must-sees. There are 40 flix this year but we'll tell you about Happy Dysfunctional, Ballad of Hugh, Jobriath AD, Once Upon a Lullaby, Going Deaf for Nothing, Slaughter Nick for President are now posted. New content will be added daily. See what we missed  of NxNE at NxNE HeRE -

Many of the outdoor concerts were free - Flaming Lips, Hollerado, Matthew Good, Bad Religion and Winter Gloves played Dundas Square, to name but a few. Pictured below from top left to bottom right, Ken Tizzard with Bad Intent, The Standstills, Sit Down Sinner (Gordie Johnson), Bronx Cheerleaders, Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers, Always V, Bernie Finelstein, Mattherw Good, Amos the Transparent, Serena Prine, Plants and Animals and A Friend in London. IndieCan Radio coverage of North By North East below, check out the EVENTS page and PHOTO PAGE for more or visit us on FACEBOOK


NXNE Previews 2012


IndieCan Radio PREVIEWS (one hour Mp3s you can rip or stream): Turn off the player at the top first

#281 includes movie reviews + Plants and Animals, Gordie Johnson, The Stogies and more

# 282 is an exclusive with Bernie Finkelstein. He's speaking Thursday afternoon about his new book, TRUE NORTH, Benie talks about 40 years of his Canadian music love in, his label that saw 40 Junos and 40 gold records and while he talks, I spin Rough Trade, Murray McLauchlan, Bruce Cockburn, 54-40, The Golden Dogs, Hunter Valentine, BRK and Catherine MacLellan

#283 includes Matt Mayes, Boxer the Horse, 1977, Hollerado and Holy Toledo. Catl and the Crooked Brothers, DNA & Soulfege, Broken Bricks and Sigrun Stella

#284 includes some POP de la Montreal with Jef Barbara, Mozart's Sister, the Irreverend James and the Critical Mass Choir and Goose Hut. We talk to artists Nathan Bishop, Street Pharmacy and The Belle Comedians. Also at this year's NXNE, Gentelman Husbands, Future History and always a great live show, Dearly Beloved.


Season II of IndieCan Urban is into Episode IV. Check out Big Specials House Here Y'all

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It is Time to reflect on  Canadian Music Week's 30th edition


Canadian Music Week included British/Canadian citizen, Paul Rodgers who will have lots to share on IndieCan Radio this week.

Click on RADIO for three one-hour CMW IndieCan Episodes for your back stage pass and front row seat to the 2012 Canadian Music Week.


Who won and who perfomred at the Inide Music Awards this year? Click on EVENTS above to find out.

See what we have seen. Here is CMW 2012 Galleries:
The Sirius/XM Indie Music Awards and Performances HERE, Paul Rodgers and The Sheepdogs, Dan Mangan, Fucked Up, The Pack AD, Rich Aucoin, Pavlo, Passion Pit, Young Empires and Hall of Fame Inductees Treble Charger
Wednesday March 21, 2012 HERE - We have Montreal's Krief, from the Prairies, Abstract Artform and Michael, Rault, Canada's "Wilco," Amos the Transparent, Lindsay Broghton, Yahi Como and The Unquiet Dead
Thurdsay March 22, 2012 HERE Coming Soon
Friday March 22, 2012 HERE with The Belle Game, The Lytics, The Matinee, The Suburbands, Direct Influence, Fade, Gold & Youth, Shawn Brady and the Electric Blood Band, Snow Blink
Saturday Accoustic Showcase HERE with Lily and Jose, Julian Taylor, The Attack, Anna Atkinson, Donovan Woods and guests
Visist Canadian Music Week HERE
Click on our FACEBOOK (top right) for new additions from Joe's IndieCan crappy cam.
Wednesday at Canadian Music Week Samples
You are listening to a little IndieCan Radio # 270 with Canadian Music Week players Gloryhound, Josh Bloom, The Sheepdogs, The Balconies Theeth and Tongue and Abstract Artform. Also Ottawa Juno home-town band Iconoclast, Meredith Shaw and Mother Mother, Edda Magnason, Lay Low and Sigrun Stella + a sneek preview of Canary Mine's new CD.
See What we see: 1000’s of IndieCan pics, front-row-centre, back stage, from CMW, NXNE, Hillside, the Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal and Toronto independent music scene
Catch up with IndieCan EVENTS Catch all the IndieCan REVIEWS
Click on the RADIO page for recent shows, the funky old-school radio for archives had HERE for recent artist and song lists
Check back daily for great new content.


Indiecan Radio is heard on SIRIUS/XM The Verge and great independent FM stations across Canada. Music fans from 126 countries stream and download from our radio page all day every day. Thank you one and all for supporting the great White North music scene.





The best music you've never heard
Stream here Stream Episode 327 download

Rendezvous With Madness is a natural: Art meets Addiction and Mental Health. From November 4th to 12th Music, catch some touching, quirky, and I dare say, crazy flicks in Toronto. We've been chatting it up on Facebook.  We'll have reviews coming soon. 

I just reposted POP Montreal coverage - click on EVENTS for commentary and links to Episode 249 which includes a Montreal musician’s POP Montreal, Jon Cohen + Cousins, Grimes, Charlotte Cornfield, TuneYards, Sandman Viper Command and Amelia Curran. Also this week, The Cowboy Junkies, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Ember Swift, D.O.A., Molly Thompson, the Sheepdogs and Glory Hound.

Show 249 Listen now Show 249 Download
More POP Mtl on 248 including interviews with Cousins, The Balconies and Charlotte Cornfield. Other notables are Chad Brownlee, JF Robaitaille, Adam Cohen, Paper Lions and Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers
Show 248 Listen nowDownload

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