IndieCan Radio’a #549 includes something old, something new, something gold and something rhythm and blues: Kutch, Bend Sinister, Amanda Rheaume, Fortunate Ones, Lydia & Sebastien, Hollerado, One Bad Son, Aleissia Cohle, Nate Daviau (Ft. Julia Gartha) Broomsticks & Hammers, Trent Severn, Dearly Beloved, Jim Armstrong, Gord Downie, Sofia Blu, David Bray & Friends, The Heels and Mother Mother, FIN

IndieCan Music # 548 features, in order of appearance: Ascot Royals, JF Robitaille & Lail Arad, Our Lady Peace, Jon Cohen Experimental, Rochester AKA Juice, Darryl Hurs for part 2 of our Indie Week chat, Charlie the Kid, The Pack AD, Sirens of Shanti, with Lonnie Bones, The Good Lovelies, Kutch, The Heels, Carlos Morgan and Scenic Route to Alaska: How does that feel? :-P

IndieCan Music #547 is thinking Hillside Inside 2018 where the documentary Play Your Gender by Kinnie Starr is showing. What’s with the gender gap in music production, engineering and song writing. Episode 547 looks at women in Canadian Indie. In order of appearance: Kinnie Starr, Hot Kid, The Pack AD, Trent Severn, Steph Cameron, Jasmine Singh, Zaki Ibrahim, Modern Day Poets, Ascott Royals, Scenic Route to Alaska, Guy Paul Thibault, Curtis Nolan, Lolaa, Hey Ocean!, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Five Roses and Ashleigh Ball.


IndieCan Music # 546 includes brand new music and more of the best of 2017 including an interview with Darryl Hurs of #IndieWeek. In order of appearance, 10 Years, Iduna, Hot Kid, Ted Axe, Sumo Cyco, (ft. Benji Webbe), Slow Death Lights, Trampa, Menage, Hollerado, Fortunate Ones, The Upper Tunist (Jason Hunter), X.Ari, Big Wreck and Danielle Bourjeaurd, FIN

IndieCan Music, Episode 545 features some favs + new favs. We have bands on the run; we’ve got new music and where the bands who sing them are travelling. In order of appearance: Mein, Jasmine Singh, Bend Sinister, Hollerado, In My Coma, Sule, Zaki Ibrahim, Jesse Roper, Born Ruffians, Band of Rascals, Alvvays, Sirens of Shanti, Gord Downie and Jon Cohen Experimental - FIN

IndieCan Music # 544 features, in order of appearance: Cannons, Bros, The Trews, Kardinal Offishall, (Ft. Celebrity Marauders, Pree, Joey Montana), Coopertheband, Jenn Connor, Dre Pao, (Ft. Lilvibe) Leeroy Stagger, Trent Severn, Boulevard IV, The Pack AD, The Pistolwhips, Donovan Woods, Felitche, The Achromantics & The Confabulation - FIN

IndieCan Music #543, like #541 before, (mostly) reflects on 2017 and the awesomeness that was the Canadian indie music scene. You get some super-fresh 2018 stuff, too. Here’s the line up: Born Ruffians, Liliana Wilde, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Alvvays, Jesse Roper, Danko Jones, Yukon Blonde, Samson’s Delilah, Sirens of Shanti, (Featuring Lonnie Bones), Hollerado, Pennan Brae, Ashleigh Ball, 54-40, Julie Tyres, Wintersleep, Hillsburn & Ari.


IndieCan Music #541 features a jumble of 2017 Canadian indie songs: The Velveteens, Band of Rascals, Lola Dutronic, Dawson Rutledge, Modern Day Poets, Photo Phony, Rawlins Cross, Lolaa, J.F. Robitaille & Lail Arad, Jon Cohen Experimental, Erin Costelo, The Reed Effect, Broomsticks and Hammers, Hot Kid, Sumo Cyco, and Pistols and Parachutes – more next week…FIN  

IndieCan-conXMAS double album special Epiosode 542 features Canadian indie XMAS Mix Mistress, Amelia Chester with Andy Yue on IndieCan Radio for long-play special with seaonal tunage from: Sloan, Danielle Bourjeaurd, Great Lake Swimmers, Gord Downie, Fast Romantics, Lab Coast, Palooka, The Pack AD, Fucked UP , Skye Wells, Annelise Noronha, Justin Rutledge, Behind Sapphire, Hey Rosetta!, Nick Zubeck, Dan Bryk - but wait, there's more, Machu Picchu, Tom Fun Orchestra, Al Tuck, Alewives, Grand Hand, Jade Mya with Ben Pelchat, Paper Moon, David Myles, Ty Waters, Emma Lee and Bros.

Our gift-of-giving shout out goes to Skye Wells cause: Red Cross International Relief Fund: CHECK IT HERE

IndieCan Music # Five hundred and forty stands out with: Jesse Roper, Hey Ocean!, Fast Romantics, Dawson Rutledge, FXRRVST, The Good Lovelies, Seaway, Skye Holland, Dashboard Confessional, Lily Frost, The Farewell Sumer, The Fortunate Ones, Amanda Rhaeume, Breakfast N Vegas Bad Bunny & Messiah, Give it Up (Ft. Tony Lanez and DJ Yonny) and Japandroids – Drop the Mic!

IndieCan Music # 539 features, Stuck On Planet Earth, Avery Florence, The Dirty Nil, Gord Downie, The Elevens, Lola Dutronic, All Mighty Voice, Sina Bathaie, Big Wreck, Alvvays, Lisa Anderson, One Bad Son, The Willows, Jon Mullane, ft. Suzie Jagger Richards, Bend Sinister and Slender > FIN!

IndieCan Music #538 moves you and grooves, too. In order of appearance: Alvvays, Boulevard IV, Mother Mother, Stuck On Planet Earth, Big Wreck, Hanna of the Moulettes along with unreleased new music, memories of Jim Armstrong of the Sonic Deli Band, Jon Cohen Experimental, Our Lady Peace, Silverstein, Danny Silvester and Maylee Todd. A show so nice, you might want to listen twice.


IndieCan Music # 537 is heavy on #IndieWeek 2017 artists. But there’s “Mohrs”… This show features,  The Mohrs, Moon Tan, Menage, Stuck On Planet Earth, Goodnight Sunrise, Dearly Beloved, Slow Death Lights, Slender, FXRRVST, Dani Strong, Wes Mason, LiteYears, Kink, L.A. Foster, Emma Cook and Alessia Cohle ... FIN


#IndieWeek 2017 Nov. 7 - 12, Toronto

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7th (click 4 Gallery)

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 8th (click Gallery)





SUNDAY NOVEMBER 12th Performances 

IndieCan Music # 536 features Canadian indie pie, hot out of the oven: Hey Ocean, The Pistolwhips, Dearly Beloved, The Good Lovelies, Destroyer, In My Coma, Hollerado, The Pack AD, Heather Ballentine, The Kat Kings, Dirt Road Angels, Edward Sayers, Seaway, FXRRVST, Alert the Medic & Andie Duquette. Smells good? What ‘til you hear how it sounds!  

IndieCan Music #535 features some brand new tunage and offers a little Indie Week 2017 soundtrack, too: In order of appearance, The Pack AD, Broomsticks & Hammers, The Reed Effect, Fast Romantics, Lily Frost, Plants and Animals, Silverstein, Jon Cohen Experimental, In My Coma, Sofi Tukker, Bobby Dove, Slow Death Lights, Foxx Worthee, The Man Who, Modern Day Poets and Bend Sinister… The Slow Death Lights tune was performed at the Bovine Sex Club and recorded by video; look online if you want to hear (see) it again. FIN

IndieCan Radio Episode 534 features: Seaway, Walkwaves, The Willows, Rural Alberta Advantage,Texas Kings, FXRRVST, The Farewell Summer, Barefoot Mountain, Weaves, Lisa Anderson, Phono Pony, Cassie Norton, Destroyer, Vern Nicholson, Max Webster, Maylee Todd and Terra Lightfoot – how gr8 is that #?!?#0

IndieCan Music Episode 533, as heard on SiriusXM, The Verge, features hot-off-the-recording board tunes + some IndieCan nostalgia from 10 years ago. In order of appearance: In My Coma, Modern Day Poets, Vern Nicholson, Broomstick & Hammers, James Clark Institute, Wes Mason, The Reed Effect, Hot Kid, Skye Sweetnam, Sumo Cyco, Silverstein, Julie Doiron, Howard Rix, Jade Mya, Foxx Worthee & Bend Sinister. That’s a wrap (or is it a rap?).  

IndieCan Music #532 is an organic alphabet soup of Canadian indie with Andie Duquette, Bend Sinister, Ceyion and we’re heavy on the Ls and Ms with lotz of Lisa Anderson and Lily Frost, Mother Mother, Moulettes, Mayfly’s Landing, Mimi O’Bronsawin, and Monowhale and for a upside down Ms The Willows and Weaves. For a well-balanced hour of indie we had some Foxx Worthee, The Commotions and Hollerado who played back2back2back soldout shows at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern this month. It smells so good you’ll want to eat it all at once but chew on the words, savour the melodies and treat yourself to a whole hour.

IndieCan Music #531 introduces some newbies to the airwaves and rock some previously unreleased Canadiana just released this Fall. In order of appearance: Texas Kings, The Darcys, Ann Vriend, Phono Pony, I Got The Girl (ft. Trace Cyrus), Max Webster, Kira Lynn, Cassie Norton, Rural Alberta Advantage, Monowhales, Our Lady Peace, Dani Strong, Barefoot Mountain, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lung, Harrison, Dahlia and Acid Test… pretty potent – please use as directed :-P FIN  

IndieCan Music #530, new, new, new for you, you and you…. Monowhales, Rural Alberta Advantage, Jordana Talsky, Guy Paul Thibault, Alvvays, The Darceys, Sofie Tukker, Jon Cohen Experimental, The Man Who, Bend Sinster, The Elevens, The Tarp Kickers, James Clark Institute, Eugene Ripper, Bobby Dove, Anna Cyzon and Jordana Talsky - FIN

 #IndieCan Music #529 is a fast-moving, soul-satisfying hour of savvy, new Canadian independent music. If order of appearance: Modern Day Poets, One Bad Son, Band of Rascals, Tiger & Bloom, Bend Sinster, JF Robitaille & Lail Arad, Terra Lightfoot, bd Gottfried, Yukon Blonde, Danko Jones, Polina Grace, Walkwaves, Fast Romantics, Steve Newsome, Robbi Niles and two from Wes Mason - FIN 

#IndieCan Music Episode 528, features Terra Lightfoot, The Elevens, Harrison Brome, Gay Nineties, Lydia & Sebastian, Band of Rascals, Sofia Blu, Davide Moscato, bd Gottfried, The Elwins, Men I Trust, The Heels, Tim Arnold, Danko Jones, Amanda Bush, Gary Allen and Tiger & Bloom. That’s an hour of great indie 😊 

IndieCan Music #527  lets go of the 2017 summer than was with one last salute to #Osheaga and great new Canuck indie: Band of Rascals, Osheaga interviews with Men I Trust, Woody from Plants and Animals, Sofi Tukker, Osheaga past with Elephant Stone. Also this week, Gay Nineties, Mayfly’s Landing, Fun Cam, Meresha, Jon Cohen Experimental, Dani Strong and Emma-Lee. What a fine way to change seasons in Canada! FIN  

IndieCan Music # 526: We look back to #Osheaga in Montreal + More, more, more. In order of appearance: The Elwins, Acid Test, BROS, Julian Taylor Band (ft. Kinnie Star), Band of Rascals, Holler AUGUST 25, 2017 3:45 our Interview with Harrison Brome (Vancover) + Harroson (Toronto) from #Osheaga2017, Our Lady Peace, Broken Bricks, The Heels and under the “M”s, Melanie Peterson and Mayfly’s Landing - FIN

IndieCan Music announces our 525th hour of the best music you’ve never heard. Here’s the order of appearance in this week’s show: stream or download free…

Barefoot Mountain, Men I Trust, some of our #Osheago2017 favorites, Our Lady Peace, on tour again, Emma-Lee, Walkwaves, JF Robitaille & Lail Arad, more Jon Cohen Experimental interview extras, Dani Strong, Pistolwhips, double crazy with Ashley Ball and Yukon Blonde, Lily Frost, with her own flavour of crazy, PUP, Heather Ballentine, Sofie Tukker, Alvvays, and Perplexity of Things – Hmnnn, that sounds great 😊 

IndieCan Music # 524 is #Osheaga2017 and more: JF Robitaille & Lail Arad, Pennan Brae, Hollerado, The Arkells, Why, Plants and Animals, IndieCan Jesse chatting with Sofie Tukker, Slow Death Lights, Sam Coffey& the Iron Lungs, Lilianna Wylde, I Know Karate, Inoke Errati, Melanie Person, Mad June, Ann Vriend and Harrison - FIN  

IndieCan Music #523 celebrates 21st century second decade indie (2010-2017), the newest and more seasonist. Let’s go in order of appearance:  PUP, Yukon Blonde, Tim Arnold, The Dungarees, Alvvays, The Great Lake Swimmers, Tribe Royal, The Kat Kings, Ann Vriend, Dan Mangan, Ape, Mother Mother, Tiger & Bloom, May Wells, Wes Mason, Jon Cohen Experimental, Lily Frost and Emma-Lee, how ‘bout that? 

IndieCan Music Episode 522 in order of appearance: Pennan Brae, Why, The Tarp Kickers, Wes Mason, Lily Frost, Dearly Beloved, Julian Taylor Band (Ft. Kinnie Star), Ann Vriend, May Wells, OBGMs, AA Wallace, Moonlyn, Perplexity of Things (Ft. Hill Kourkoutis) Polina Grace, Melanie Peterson and Lolaa – FIN!

IndieCan Music #521 is magic. We have Alvvays, Hollerado, Mother Mother, Alyssa Reid, The Perplexity of Things a very exciting interview with Jon Cohen Experimental and the music of his new album, Go Getters. But wait; there’s more! Skyler, Acid Test, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lung, The Pistolwhips, Meresha, Alert the Medic and Polina Grace also “grace our airwaves…FIN

IndieCan Music Episode 520, as advertised is your front row seat and back sage pass to Canada’s great emerging music, including some new music being played on Queen Street W in Toronto at the time of recording. In order of appearance… Sam Coffee & The Iron Lung, Meresha, See Spot Run, Acid Test, Jon Cohen Experimental, music and interview with Slow Death Lights, The Reed Effect, Lolaa, The Julian Taylor Band, Wes Mason, Illyin Pipes, Tim Arnold, and AA Wallace - FIN

IndieCan Music # 519. “What we got?” you ask? Under the “H”,  Hot Kid and Hollerado, brand new stuff like: Emma-Lee, Fast Romantics, 54-40 and Skyler. But wait, there’s more… Iduna, Yukon Blonde, Lily Frost, Why, I Know Karate, Math Club, Amanda Rheaume, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Lisa LeBlanc and Wes Mason… that’s what we got, now you do, too. 😊

IndieCan Music 518 has a whole lotta’ North By North East #NXNE2017 with Yukon Blonde, The Regrettes, The Lazys, The Dirty Nil, Fast Romantics, Amanda Rheaume, Sam Coffee & The Iron Lung, Jade Mya, J. Hutton, Meresha, Emma-Lee and The Voyageur from Tuesday Night #Linsmore Tavern Indie Nights – FIN

IndieCan Music, Episode 517 is a great moment (hour) in Canadian indie music: Fortune Killers, Little Mister, Perplexity of Things, (Ft. Hill Kourkoutis) J. Hutton, Bed Legs, Dahlia, Hollerado, Lilianna Wilde, Prairie Cat, The Faceplants, Oh Susanna!, Bridgeway, The New Electric, The Pistolwhips, Mariame, and more Perplexity of Things. Ain’t that a Canadiana-0-rama?!

 See what we hear, three days of #PortLands #NXNE2017 @IndieCanRadio

Wendy & Brian PortLands Day 1 (Friday) including Sleigh Bells, EMP, The Regrettes, Twin Peaks, Amir Obe, Cold Specks Post Malone fans and NXNE PortLands high-jinx

Wendy & Brian PortLands Day 3 (Sunday) including Yukon Blonde, Passion Pit, Lizzo, Comedy Tent, River Timber, The Soul Rebels featuriing Taleb Kweli and more PortLands fun.

IndieCan #CubLand with lWendy & Brian Wednesday @ Baby G's and The Garrison

Curators: Shad features Above Top Secret,Miracles, Maz Melanin. The Dirty Nil features Dead Soft, Secret Satanists, Big School, New Love

Wendy and Brian Thursday @ The Legendary Horseshoe

Curator: Ian D'sa (Billy Talent) with The Lazys, Crown Lands, The Anti-Queens, Sweatshop Kids + ZefSideSpinFuck @ Cold Tea


IndieCan Music # 516 goes like this: Danielle Bourejeaurd, Math Club, Daniel Romano, Denielle Bassels, The Pistolwhips, Slow Death Lights, Seven Day Sons, Steph Cameron, Dre Pao (Feat Illvibe), Hot Kid, Fortune Killers, Cyzon, Jon Mullane, The Faceplants, McKenzie Small, Japandroids and the The Peptides - FIN  

IndieCan Music #515 features Dre Pao (Feat. Illvibe) Ashleigh Ball, Lions Lions, Anna Coogan, Why, Hollerado, White Lightning, Tommy West Band, Jim Bryson (feat. Amanda Rheaume), Sofia Blu, 54-40, Madame X, The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer, Andie Duquette, Sabrina Whyatt and Math Club - FIN  

IndieCan Music # 514 has that new car smell with new, new, new indie coming from the speakers: Lolaa, J. Hutton, The Jon Cohen Experimental, The Matinee, Little Mister, Danko Jones, Alert The Medic, Gay Nineties, Go For Hope, Cannons, Prairie Cat, Lillianna Wilde, Silverstein, BERIES, Yan Etchevary, Oh Susanna and Adam Baldwin: Cant’ you smell that smell ?!?

IndieCan Music # 513 with the best we’ve seen – in new music: Pistolwhips, The Dead Love, First Ghost, Pennan Brae, Wes Mason, Steph Cameron, The James Clark Institute, The Rallies, Japandroids, Hot Kid, Hillsburn, The Stone Soul, The Peptides, Tim Arnold, Double Experience, Iduna and Daniel Romano - FIN

IndieCan Music # Five-One-Two is all about the “new.” We have Hot Kid, Adam Baldwin, Tim Arnold, Prairie Cat, Donovan Woods, Pennan Brae, 54-40, Wes Mason, Faceplants, Lily Frost, Dearly Beloved, SC Mira, Japandroids, Fake Shark and …  Lillianna Wilde: FIN


IndieCan Music, Episode 511. What’s new you ask? Well, what an hour we have for you: Lily Frost, Lisa LeBlanc, Caveboy, Pistolwhips, Double Experience, Iduna, music and chit-chat with Jason and Craig, Tim Arnold introduces us to a new song and video. You gotta’ see this…. The Rallies, Japandroids, Slow Death Lights, A Primitive Evolution, Daniel Romano, and a new take on an oldie-indie-goldie with 54-40 – That’s what’s new 😊


IndieCan Music #510 in order of appearance: The Strange Cases, Steph Cameron, 54-40, Molehill, Sumo Cyco, Little Mister, Nick Cave, Lisa LeBlanc, Oh Susanna, Jamie VanScott, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Theo Lawrence & The Hearts, Cleo T., Lions Lions & Hollerado – sweeeet!


Memories of #CMW2017 in Toronto (Patrick Krief @ The Rivoli pictured)

The Indies: 54-40 inducted into the Indie Hall of Fame. SEE IT HERE #CMW2017

see Friday April 21, 2017 on Queen Street W @ # CMW2017

see Saturday's Music Nova Scotia showcase at the Rivoli

Check out hundreds more pics and video @ IndieCanRadio Facebook


IndieCan Music #509 brings you Canadian Music Week finds and highlights + more of the best music you’ve never heard. In order of appearance: Caveboy, Danko Jones, One Bad Son, Theo Lawrence & The Hearts, Hollerado, A Primitive Evolution, Sumo Cyco, Goodnight Sunrise, The Velvetines, we get to know Where The Fires Are visiting #CMW2017 from the UK, Molehill from Chicago and Cleo T. - FIN

IndieCan Music, # 508 sounds like #CMW2017 and the Indie Music Awards + we feature great emerging music: The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Mademe X, Little Mister, Iduna, White Lightning, Hollerado, Rough Trade, 54-40, Lillianna Wilde, BROS, Anna Coogan, Fake Shark, Lions Lions, Japandroids, Leroy Stagger and Alonso - FIN