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Canadian Music Cafe 2008
Wednesday September 10 2008

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City and Colour copy City and Colour-10 copy City and Colour-12 copy City and Colour-15 copy City and Colour-17 copy City and Colour-5 copy
City and Colour copy.jpg City and Colour-10 copy.jpg City and Colour-12 copy.jpg City and Colour-15 copy.jpg City and Colour-17 copy.jpg City and Colour-5 copy.jpg
City and Colour-6 copy City and Colour-8 copy Craig Norris - Host 2 copy Craig Norris copy Final Flash-12 copy Final Flash-17 copy
City and Colour-6 copy.jpg City and Colour-8 copy.jpg Craig Norris - Host 2 copy.jpg Craig Norris copy.jpg Final Flash-12 copy.jpg Final Flash-17 copy.jpg
Final Flash-19 copy Final Flash-20 copy Final Flash-23 copy Final Flash-32 copy Final Flash-35 copy Final Flash-36 copy
Final Flash-19 copy.jpg Final Flash-20 copy.jpg Final Flash-23 copy.jpg Final Flash-32 copy.jpg Final Flash-35 copy.jpg Final Flash-36 copy.jpg
Final Flash-37 copy Final Flash-38 copy Final Flash-43 copy Final Flash-44 copy Final Flash-9 copy Gentleman Reg copy
Final Flash-37 copy.jpg Final Flash-38 copy.jpg Final Flash-43 copy.jpg Final Flash-44 copy.jpg Final Flash-9 copy.jpg Gentleman Reg copy.jpg
Gentleman Reg-10 copy Gentleman Reg-15 copy Gentleman Reg-17 copy Gentleman Reg-2 copy Gentleman Reg-21 copy Gentleman Reg-4 copy
Gentleman Reg-10 copy.jpg Gentleman Reg-15 copy.jpg Gentleman Reg-17 copy.jpg Gentleman Reg-2 copy.jpg Gentleman Reg-21 copy.jpg Gentleman Reg-4 copy.jpg
Gentleman Reg-5 copy Jill Barber copy Jill Barber-10 copy Jill Barber-14 copy Jill Barber-16 copy Jill Barber-19 copy
Gentleman Reg-5 copy.jpg Jill Barber copy.jpg Jill Barber-10 copy.jpg Jill Barber-14 copy.jpg Jill Barber-16 copy.jpg Jill Barber-19 copy.jpg