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IndieCan Flight #327 passenger list includes:

In Flight Safety, Head of the Herd, The ross Neilsen Band, Colin James, Zac Crouse, Garlow, David Myles, City and Colour, Hannah Gergas, Dexter Holmes, TreeTop Entertainment and The Elwins.

Thank you for not smoking on Air IndieCan and have a nice flight.


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IndieCan #326 is a two is better show with pairs of songs. Listen up for David Myles, Blackdog Ballroom (pictured), Jenn Grant, Sarah MacDougall, 100 Mile Hous, LevyStep, Old Time Machine and Jordan Klassen.

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Show # 325 in order of appearance, features City and Colour, Jon Davis, The Elwins, Heard of the Herd, Patrick Watson, Shaman Ayerhart, Catl, The Stanfields, Lee Harvey Osmond, Hannah Georgas, Gordie Tentrees, In Flight Safety, Last Bullet, Cory Woodward, Shaman Ayerhart and Handsome Distraction.

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Show # 324 from CMW 2013 includes Go For The Eyes, Dearly Beloved, Lady Hawk, Gordie Sampson, Slyde, Short of Able, interviews with Steven MacDougall and  Paul Williams Mother Mother, Mo Kenny (pictured), Acres and Acres, Sky Diggers, Blackdog Ballroom and Barlow.

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Episode 323 is all about Canadian Music Week 2013. We have The Zolas, an interview with Mo Kenney and Jon Landry of The Stanfields (pictured), Poor Young Things, Said The Whale, The Grapes of Wrath, The Maladies of Adam Stokes, Talking with Paul Williams, ASCAP and Steven MacDougall + Ariane Moffatt

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IndieCan #322 includes Dustin Bentall, Liar, Michelle McAdrey, 100 Mile House, The Balconies, A Primitive Evolution, The Stogies, Michael Rault, The Grapes of Wrath, Serena Rider, Shawn Hook, Dylan Guthro & the exitseekers.



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IndieCan Radio Episode 321 features Gaby Harvey with Lowell, Corin Raymond, JP Hoe, Star and Micey, Johnathan Byrd, Jeremy Fisher, Chic Gamine, Cloe Charles and Lee Harvey Osmond

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Radio show #320 is the new music of Go For the Eyes, Xenia Dunford, Raine Maida, Beliefs, Christina Martin, Lee Harvey Osmond, Diamond Ring, Shameem, Mozart's Sister (pictured) and Gloryhound

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Ladyhawk (pictured here)Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers, The Stogies, Any Beginners Guide to Ending, Christine Martin, Pat Jordache, Mother Mother, Paper Lions, Goodnight Starlight, 54-40, Gabrielle Papillon, Acres and Acres, The Maladies of Adam Stokes and The Distillery.,



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Poor Young Things, Wicked Child, New Country Rehab, Lee Harvey Osmond, Amelia Curren, Motzart’s Sister, Jenn Grant, Craig Cameron Band, Carl Lorusso Jr., Windows ’78, A Tribe Called Red, Mo Kenny, Ryan Cook, Wilderness of Manitoba andJoel Plaskett Emergency

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We chat with two Pauls, a Paula and J.P and a Vesaloyne named Spacker Dave on #318. You won't find this collection of tunage anywhere else. We serve up Patrick Krief, Michael Rault, Carleton Stone, Adam and the Amethyst, Kyrie Kristmanson, Paul Rodgers, Paula and Karol, JP Hoe, The Black Void, Paul Williams  and Yukon Blonde.



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316 features Goodnight Starlight, Julian Taylor Band (pictured), Cory Woodward, Diamond Ring, Donalyn, Dylan Guthro, Cowboy Junkies, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Andrew Hunter & the Gatherers, Molly Thomason, Amy Hefferman, Shawn Ashby, 1977 and Amelia Curran

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This week, Tom Wilson and Lee Harvey Osmond, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Hill and The Sky Heroes along with a chat withHill Kourkoutis pictured here playing at the Elmocombo, Acres and Acres, Bend Sinister, Yukon Blonde, Carolyn Fe, Old Man Luedecke, Cinderpop and Ladyhawk. Oh My Dog, that's good.


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# 314 is both rootsy and raunchy with Skydiggers, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Great Lake Swimmers, Donalyn, Feberal Lights, Mo Kenny, Elephant Stone, Hannah Georgas, Colin James, 54-40, Ladyhawk, Julie Doiron, Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers, Cory Woodward, Kally Mattson and the Cowboy Junkies (pictured)

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The best music you've never heard includes The Express and Company, Carolyn Fe, Rob Lutes, Donalyn, Ariane Moffatt, Jon Cohen Experimental, Two Hours Traffic, Amelia Curran, North Lakes, Brad Fillatre, Cairo and Ben Caplain.

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We spin Colin James, Barney Bentall, Hollerado, Lee Harvey Osmond,
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Hannah Georgas, The Great Lake Swimmers, including a chat with Tony Decker (picture by Wendy L. Rombough), Elliott Brood, Julie Doiron, Ladyhawk, Elephant Stone, Ria Mae, Stars andHill and the Sky Heroes.

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Early in 2013 IndieCan Radio warms up the airwaves with great Canadian content. Please welcome to the show Short of Able (picturd here), Amelia Curran, Jenn Grant, Acres and Acres, Mother Mother, The Maladies of Adam Stokes, The Stogies, Spirit of the West, Molly Thomason, Jeremy Panda and Jon and Roy.

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IndieCan Radio # 310 includes Kindgom of Few, Hands and Teeth, 54-40, David Gunning, Picture the Ocean, JF Robitaille, Papermaps, Colin James, Dan Mangan, Jenn Grant, David Myles, Mo Kelley, The Dudes, Ria Mae, Brett Kissel, Wintersleep and Hillary Grist pictured here hugging her piano.

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Episode 309 is our annual Help put the “X” back in Xmas show for 2012. Regardless of how holy or heavy we feel through the shopping season, we have some great music.

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for David Gogo, Bon Evans, The Zolas, Amelia Curran, Norah Jones, Tom Jackson, The Huron Carole, Acres and Acres, Serena Ryder, Steve Gates, The Golden Dogs, Hello Beautiful, Hillary Grist, Kim Stockwood + 54-40.

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On IndieCan Radio # 308 we are listening to and talking to some great Canadian indie acts. We have the Great Lake Swimmers, Joel Plaskett, Joe Pug, a chat with Acres and Acres, Rival Boys, First You Get the Sugar (pictuerd here), The Crooked Brothers abd we finish up this week with Deep Dark Woods.

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InideCan Raido’s Episode 307 includes Mother Mother, Hill & The Sky Heroes, Ben Caplain, James Cohen and the Prairie Roots Rockers, Cody Gamracy, Amos the Transparent, Acres and Acres, Sandman Viper Command, Jason Plum and the Willing, Brews Willis, Creosote, Freeman Dre and The Kitchen Party, and Jenn Grant

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Episode 306 includes:

The Dudes, The Spades, Teenage Kick, Amelia Curran, The Zolas, D.O.A., Feist (pictured here), Bon Evans, Grapes of Wrath, Hollerin’ Pines, Stars, Thomas D’Arcy, Barney Bentall, Zaho, Wintesleep and Brett Kissel. Nice eh?

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Madness, I tell you—madness! As part of our coverage of the Rendezvous With Madness 2012 film festival, we talk with Sheila Carter, in Toronto with her movie Pashionflower.

As far as music for mental health, we have David Gunning, A.I., The Maladies of Adam Stokes, Acres and Acres (pictured here), The Crooked Brothers, Sit Down Serevant, and Big Sugar to go along with our Gordie Johnson and Meridith Shaw interview, Freeman Dre and The Kitchen Party, Peter Unwin and Zero Horse Town and we end big with 54-40

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Episode 304 we talk to Zack Young of A.I. from the Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival, Ryan Goldemond from Mother Mother (SiriusXM Indie Music Award Songwriter of the Year 2014) Rob and Niva from Dearly Beloved and unveil some of our other favorite songwriters. We bring you Mo Kenny, Matinee, Bon Evans (pictured here), Bryce Jardine and The Spades

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OnEpisode 303, from the east coast, Acres and Acres and from the left coast, D.O.A + J.F. Robataile, Hollerin’ Pines (pictured here c/o Chelsie Clarke Photography), 54-40, Dearly Beloved, First You Get the Sugar, Picture the Ocean, Tim Hadley, Belleview, Paper Maps and from Regina to Toronto, The Rabid Whole

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Episode 302 features The Mowhawk Lodge (pictured), Wake Island, Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas, Waxmen, 54-40, Joel Plaskett, North Lakes, GRAY, The Town Hero, The Stanfields, Amos the transparent, Lenka Lichtenberg & Fray, Peace, Tim Chaisson, and Molly Thomason teamed up with Carleton Stone

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Show # 301 celebrates Indie Week 2012 in Toronto with interviews and artists. The picture here is a scene from the finals at Tattoo Rock Parlour on Queen Street where the top bands from the week played off to judges for gear, recording, publicity, cash and touring support. The Stogies came second. Also on this show, Ca.iro, Abstract Artform, Beyond the Mountain, Kingdom of Few, Eli, Meredith Shaw, Gloryhound, First You Get the Sugar, Georgia Germein and Secrettes.

Visit our EVENTS page for more on Indie Week Toronto 2012.

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So where’s the party, IndieCan Radio? It’s Episode 300. Shouldn’t there be cake and a self- congratulatory speech? Nah, it’s about the music; there wouldn’t be an IndieCan if there weren’t 100’s of thousands of fans that tune in. And people wouldn’t be loyal to our lowly hour a week if the music wasn’t remarkable.

So like the frame on the Mona Lisa that no one remembers, we’re just glad to be along for the ride. Framing greatness is its own reward. So #300 is more of the same best music you’ve never heard: Hollerin’ Pines, Crystalyne, The Love Machine, Paper Maps, D.O.A. The Zolas (pictued here courtesy of Wendy L. Rombough) , Nephelium, Donalyn, GRAY, The Town Heroes, Meredith Shaw, The Archives, The Rabid Hole and The Mighty Rhino.

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IndieCan Radio goes multi-cultural and multi-genre on Episode 299. From K-Os to Colin James, The Rabid Hole to the F-Holes (pictured here), deadmau5 to Said the Whale, Rain Over St. Ambrose to Project Mars and a little line up at the fridge in the East Coast kitchen party we have the Stanfields holding a place in line for Molly Thomason who’s collaborating with Carleton Stone whose having a Joel Plaskett Emergency. How Mother Motherly you say, as Hill and the Sky Heroes enjoy The Grapes of Wrath at White Ash Falls with Patrick Watson. OK. That’s it- just pres play...

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Over two episodes, IndieCan Radio talks with Dearly Beloved. On Episode 298 we also feature Grapes of Wrath and 54-40. Tom Hooper is pictured here performing with 54-40 at the Commodore Ballroom 2008 during Juno Week, courtesy of IndieCan photographer, Jenn Martin. Also this week, we talk with Mother Mother, Feist, The Stanfields, Picture the Ocean, Jon Bryant, Serena Ryder, Jenn Grant, Dylan Guthro and Bend Sinister.

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Sometimes I hear artists say, “I want to play more.” Well the UK artist known as Passenger says, “Then, play more.” He busks. He sells 100s of CDs a week from busking. He promotes his show in many towns that he visits by busking. Dignity is what we bring to an activity—not something inherent in an activity. Also, chance favors the busy. It’s hard to get lucky while we complain in our basement. This isn’t preaching or bitching. It’s just a suggestion if you are an artist or love an artist to listen to one of two interviews on # 297 with Passenger who was in Toronto playing a sold-out Echo Beach in support of Ed Sheeran.

You’ll also hear from a Toronto band who aren’t afraid of work. Dearly Beloved pictured here from behind the stage at the Bar Fly (part of POP Montreal 2011), have a noteworthy work ethic, too. They arrived at a St. Laurent bar that was unspectacularly quiet, in part because of the free outdoor Arcade Fire that had drawn over 100,000 just blocks away. They set up, plugged in, turned it up and played their hearts out. The bar filled up by the time they were three songs into their set and 170 or so of the Arcade Fire fans on St. Laurent that night became Dearly Beloved followers. We hear from Rob and Niva this week about Dearly Beloved’s Hawk vs. Pigeon recordings

Also on # 297, Gabrielle Papillion, Hannah Georgas, Ed Sheeran, The North Lakes, Jenn Grant, Colin James and Steven MacDougall. Rip it or stream it.

Stream here Stream Episode 297 download

So, today on numero 2-9-6, we talk with Picture The Ocean pictured here although we all know you guys (+ gal) are laying down. It’s a cool effect anyway.

And, we have The Rabid Hole, 54-40, Great Lake Swimmers or GLS as the hipsters and insiders say, Joel Plaskett dishes the tough love, Dave Gunning, Ride the Island Baby (band and song name) and Brad Fillatre.

Stream here Stream Episode 296 download

There are second helpings of a lot of what we dish out in #295:

Hands and Teeth, David Myles, Five Alarm Funk, Mis En Scene, pictured here preping in Banff, Joel Plaskett, more Mother Mother, Bend Sinister, The Key Frames, English Words, Ben Chaplan and Jf. Robitaille.

What a treat!

Stream here Stream Episode 295 download

#294 features Owls, Six60, The Great Lake Swimmers, Slowcoaster, a chat with Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother, Mo Kenny and Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party.

Stream here Stream Episode 294 download

Show 293 remembers Stompin’ Tom who was still alive and making music in the summer of 2012 when this show was made. We have Lizzy & The Orca, Shred Kelly (pictured here © Kristy A, Morris)Two Hour’s Traffic, Patrick Krief, Gabrielle Papillion, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Hill and the Sky Heroes, Cory Woodward and Ladyhawk.

Stream here Stream Episode 293 download

We’re still in a Hillside Music Festival mood with Episode 292 – bands that performed in 2012, blasts from the past, bands that we think fit Guelph’s music fest to a tee.

So with plenty East, West and Central we have Carmen Towsend, Ron Hines, Kelly Joe Phelps, The Birthday Boys, Rival Boys, APE ( A Primitive Evolution), Mother Mother, Rock Garden, The North, Sandman Viper Command, Tanya Davis who did it with song and she did it with spoken word (pictured here) Rob Szabo, Sleepy Driver and The Vanishes.

You tired? That’s a lot, I know. Enjoy IndieCan Radio :-)

Stream here Stream Episode 292 download

Show 291 is the second ride to Hillside 2012. From a conservation area North East of Guelph Ontario comes a summer festival that fans sell out and artists love to perform at. Magic moments are a daily occurrence. Visitors to Hillside included The Mickey Hart Band (Grateful Dead), Joe Pug, The Doldrums, Rich Aucoin, Zeus, The Crooked Brothers, Elliott Brood, Walk Off The Earth (pictured here), Dave Bidini, who performed songs and read from  Writing Gordon Lightfoot, 54-40, Great Lake Swimmers, The Arkells and Be Good Tanyas.

Stream here Stream Episode 291 download

Every year Hillside Music Festival sells out long before some of us ever get to see the line up of great Canadian and international acts. IndieCan is like being there without the mosquitoes and late night drum circles. I know—not quite the same but it is as good as it gets if you didn’t have the elusive 2012 ticket for Guelph Ontario’s biggest musical event. So come back stage with us while we interview Rival Boys (picture courtesy of Wendy L. Rombough photography), The Crooked Brothers and Deep Dark Woods. But wait—there’s more: Joel Plaskett and Great Lake Swimmers have something to add to Hillside 2012, too.

Stream here Stream Episode 290 download

Hillside 2012 features on this show include The Bright Light Social Hour, Cory Woodward, Gerry Barnum, Zulu Winter and Kelly Joe Phelps plus we catch up with Hill Kourkoutis, previously of Drowning Girl and now fronting Hill & The Sky Heroes. We have an exclusive and Hill really gets into song writing and she talks candidly about some of the great collaborators she works with such as both Ms in Martha and the Muffins.

Stream here Stream Episode 289 download

Show # 288 is stacked with new and a touch of retro. Hello Beautiful, Stars, Picture the Ocean, Alert The Medic, Diamond Ring (pictured here from the 2013 Indie Music Awards at the Kool Haus), Jeremy Panda, Canary Mines, The Alco Beat, Yukon Blonde and Glory Hound feature new tunage. In the “but wait, there’s more” category, we add vintage live at IndieCan with Vancouver’s The Flairs and Toronto’s The Free Press

Stream here Stream Episode 288 download

We celebrate feeling good with Christian D and the Hangovers, The Bloody Five, Feed The Birds, Grant Lyle, Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party (as pictured here), Gillian Bones & some blast from the past Live @ IndieCan recordings of Toronto inde innovators, Lucy + The Outfit two gone but not forgotten indie bands, and Dearly Beloved, still alive and well (It’s like hanging out with the band in the studio – what could be more fun?).

Stream here Stream Episode 287 download

Father and son, Barney and Dustin and Bentall from the west join Slowcoaster and The Stanfields of the east. From upper Canada, Sarah Burton, The Darcy’s doing their best Steely Dan impersonation and blast from IndieCan past, The Steady Rollers remind us where that Sheepdogs sound started. Tara Holloway (pictured here), Chad VanGaalen from the prairies , Dan Mangan from anywhere a suitcase will fit, upper Canada’s Patrick Krief and brand new Canadian Paul Rogers all have songs to sing on # 286.

Stream here Stream Episode 286 download

NXNE 2012 artists are featured this episode including Freeman Dre and The Kitchen Party, Ken Tizzard, Meredith Shaw and Gordie Johnson, who talk with IndieCan, Sean Nicholas, Rita May, Irreverend James and the Critical Mass Choir are featured as well as East Coast Music Award winners, The Stanfieds, plus Jon and Roy, Daniel Power, Bend Sinister, Wren Kelly and Peter Unwin and Zero Horse Town. Sean and Gordie of Sit Down Servant are pictured below delivering soul food at Kensington's The Supermarket.

Stream here Stream Episode 285 download

NXNE 2012—the music and movies, is the theme for Episode 284 including Mozart’s Sister, Jeff Barbara, and The Irreverend James and the Critical Mass Choir, Gentlemen Husbands, Goose Hut, Dearly Beloved, Future History and some great chats and music with The Belle Comedians, Nathan Bishop and Street Pharmacy.

Stream here Stream Episode 284 download

Alphabetically, 283 features Amos the Transparent, Big Sugar, Broken Bricks, Boxer the Horse, Catl, Crooked Brothers, DNA & Soulfege, Hollerado and Holy Toledo, an interview with Roy of Jon & Roy (pictures here), Matt Mayes & El Torpedo, 1979, Picture the Ocean, Sigrun Stella and The Stogies

Stream here Stream Episode 283 download

True North Records—is that as Canadiana as maple syrup or hockey on a frozen pond? No, not unless you’re a music fan. Then, the story of Canada can’t be told without this seminal chapter in our history. I get the feeling from talking to Bernie Finkelstein that there weren’t many times while history was being made that he had a sense that history was being made. The True North story seemed like an anxious pattern of “What if” and “How are we going to pull this off?” moments that added up to something remarkable, like building the Trans-Canada highway ten meters at a time. Only in retrospect can one look back at over 5,000 km of highway and say, “Hell yes, that was significant. That defines us as a nation.” Audacity, timing and talent created the story of True North records. The book is a good read. This week, meet the author of the book and the architect who built a label without permits or degrees—just love. Included this week, The Golden Dogs, Rough Trade, 54-40, Bruce Cockburn, Hunter Valentine, Catherine MacLellan, Murray McLauchlan and Blackie and The Rodeo Kings. Tell me how anyone can explain Canadian music while omitting this line up? (picture courtesy of IndieCan's Wendy L. Rombough)

Stream here Stream Episode 282 download

This week we have an east-coast leaning. Faber Drive and Adaline are here to represent for the left coast but check out this line up: Molly Thomason, Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers, Gordie Sampson, Slowcoaster, The Stogies and a wee chat with Steve Gates.

Hey where you goin’? There’s more. Julian Taylor band, Feist, Big Sugar a Montreal double-bill of Patrick Watson and Plants and Animals + Abstract Artform pictured here doin’ it at Comfort Zone at Spadina and College. We also talk up the 2012 Movies at NXNE.

Stream here Stream Episode 281 download

Jeremy Panda’s record Son Ame Feliz got the attention of the new Degrassi show as the song “So We Dance” was featured. That’s pretty cool. Jeremy is not what you call the iconic front man. Behind the scenes he helps others look good in feel good in every sense of the word T-shirt. Peace and Cotton Merch Co  is where you will find Jeremy during the day. When he’s not helping other artists look good, he may be helping a friend sound good. We first got to know Jeremy as part of The Dunes in their Live at IndieCan set at what was then XM Radio street front studio at Davenport and Avenue Road. See that set. Hear Episode 88 with The Dunes.

We talk to Jeremy Panda at the front room of the Elmocombo in a show that also featured Ambersonic and The Dunes. Also this week we talk with David Simard who was on the road with Steve Gates and Shady Grady Gordie Johnson appearing this week as the Big in Big Sugar. Included in # 280 Kalle Mattson, Canary Mine, Yukon Blonde, Ariane Moffat, Fevers, New Country Rehab, The Cowboy Junkies, Meredith Shaw and The Sheepdogs. Holy crap, what a show.

Stream here Stream Episode 280 download

Andre Skinner is back on IndieCan Radio as Andre and Joe Chisholm remember Mark Doucet who passed away in 2012. Mark produced the early episodes of IndieCan Radio and on # 279 we remember Mark and his legacy of music, Space Food TV. Andre has some other new music to add to the show so we hear from Katherine Calder, Great Lake Swimmers, Canteen Knockout, Poor Young Thing, Scarlet Jane and Yukon Blonde.

This photo of Joe Chisholm and Andre Skinner in 2006 at Exhaust Studio interviewing a band for an early IndieCan Radio show.

Stream here Stream Episode 279 download

Joel Plaskett is here for #278, Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers have us running for cover, and Murray McLaughlin is staring again. We introduce Loon Choir, Kings of Eden, The Royal Crowns, Bad Mountie and Heather Hill and Music Maul pictured here. By the way, we talk at length with Steve Gates after his Toronto Show at the Supermarket on Augusta, south of College. Nice, show, listen twice.

Stream here Stream Episode 278 download

InideCan crashes the East Coast Music Awards 2012 on # 277.

Listen to Catherine MacLellan, David Myles, Jordan Cameron, Wintersleep, exclusive interviews between Jenn Martin and Bonnie Ste-Croix, Kim Wmple and Chris Kirby (pictured here), Shelter with Theives, The Back Yard Devils and Shawn Hook and 54-40 just because more is better.

Stream here Stream Episode 277 download

Caleton Stone The Little Black Dress, Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers, Measha Brueggergosman, Feist, The Done Fors, Steve Gates and Anna Atkinson are part of March Madness from Canadian Music Week 2012. Mark Farmer gives us a Sound of Social Media take on what it would take for Dead Space to re-emerge to past My Space glory. We talk to Jeramy Panda who was playing the Elmocombo with friends, The Dunes and from the Indie’s Saturday night, Dan Mangan and The Sheepdogs pictured here courtesy of WLR Photography.

Stream here Stream Episode 276 download

The Sound of Social Media, Mark Farmer on “My Five Favorite apps” this week and we listen to David Myles, James Cohen and the Prairie Roots Rockers, Ken Tizzard, Michael Rault, Molly Thomason and The Compound.

We have exclusives from Meredith Shaw, Gordie Johnson, Spacker Dave Vestoloyne of The Black Void (very new, very cool) and we spend some quality time with Patrick Krief of The Dears, Black Diamond Bay and of course, as Patrik Krief.

Stream here Stream Episode 275 download

Christian D and The Hangovers rock-a-billy IndieCan, The Sheepdogs, The Compound and Kreif rock out the show, too. We have Cody Gamracy, Emma Lee, Said the Whale and The Strumbellas, Amos the Transparent, Jason Plumb and our exclusive one-on-one with Paul Rodgers who’s fronted Queen, The Firm, with Jimmy Page, Bad Company and Free. Paul talks about become a Canadian citizen, what he still likes to write songs about and he lets out the secret on IndieCan Radio that he would be playing with The Sheepdogs. Paul Rodgers pic courtesy of Wendy L. Rombough from the Wendy’s front row seat at the Indies at CMW 2012

Stream here Stream Episode 274 download

ASCAP President and CEO, Paul Williams talks shop from Canadian Music Week, also under the letter “W” we have Whitehorse, Wazu, Patrick Watson and Wintersleep.

But wait, there's more: Blue Rodeo, Rose Cousins, The Stanfields, Monkey Junk, Kim Stockwood, Bigfoot, Zoo Lions, The Joel Plaskett Emergency, Simple Plan and Yukon Blonde

Stream here Stream Episode 273 download

From CMW 2012 we bring exclusive interview with Paula and Karol, Carleton Stone, Paul Williams, Paul Rodgers, JP Hoe + Secrettes, TNile, Wintersleep, The Chronicles, Michael Rault, pictured here (thank you WLR Photography) in a show he did with Patrick Krief and friends at the Great Hall on Queen Street, Feist and Adam and the Amethyst

Stream here Stream Episode 272 download

InideCan Radio # 271 includes Candian Music Week 2012 highlights, Patrick Krief, The Pack AD, Blackie and The Rodie Kings and Ariane Moffat. Also, The Danks, The Lovely Killbots, retro IndieCan The Salads, The Done Fors pictured here courtesy of Emma Lee Photography, the Biljanaires, Julie Doiron and Zeus

Stream here Stream Episode 271 download

On Episode 270, in order of appearance...

Meredith Shaw, Abstract Artform, Cotton Mather, Josh Bloom, Voltaire Twins, Teeth and Tongue, Mother Mother, The Balconies, Canary Mine (pictured courtesy of Chris Siddall), Iconoclast, Gloryhound, The Sheepdogs, Sigrun Stella, Edda Magnason, Lay Low

Stream here Stream Episode 270 download

Alphabetically by first name, Episode 269 looks like this:

Amanda David’s, Amy Hefermann Cygnets,Demetra, Kim Stockwood, Mike Cervini, Molly Thomson, Mother Mother, Plants and Animals, Red Orkestra (pictured here), Sean Ashby, Simple Plan, Steve Gates and Teenage Kick

Stream here Stream Episode 269 download

Rose Cousins, The Strumbelleas, The Pack A.D., The Howling Bullets, Feist, The Compound, Abstract Artform are all part of this IndieCan Episode.

Also,tales and tunes from Amos the Transparent make up the song list of Episode 268. ATT seen here at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern for their CD release party for "Goodnight My Dear... I am Falling Apart

Stream here Stream Epsidode 268 download

The Arkells, The Balconies, The Duhks, Sigrun Stella, a chat with Serb Superb, Dinosaur Bones, Friends of Emmet, Mike Yates, Amy Millan, Winter Gloves, Joel Plaskett (pictured here performing at Hillside 2012, Guelph Ontario), USS, Spiral Beach, Dan Mangan, Boxer the Horse, Bend Sinister: What do all these inde artists have in common? They are all part Episode 267 of IndieCan Radio

Stream here Stream Episode 267 download

Anna Gutmanis, Dave Borins,The Sweetness and Patrick Krief all have new music and you can get the latest here. We have Mad June, Teenage Kick, D.O.A., and 54-40, the new Patrick Krief, from Montreal, Catl from T.Dot and Inoke Errati (I Know Karate) who we think would be on the tip of every music fans tongue by now if they weren’t paying the price for the crime of being from Windsor Ontario – how dare you be off the radar, outside the hipster Mecca and confine your pop tunage to the few? Like we said, if they were from a big market, you’d already know how to pronounce the band name. We have NXNEinteractive Mark Farmer, with his review of Pintrest which sounds to me like a virtual cork-board of our individual expression.
Also this week, a few indies on the lips of the folks from the Junos, Die Mannequin, Hollerado and Feist.

Stream here Stream Episode 266 download

We get retro IndieCan with Hey Ocean live at IndieCan and Nixon who were once Indie Week Toronto winners, Tiny Danzy, we have The Stanfields,Emma Hill and her Gentlemen Callers, Carmen Townsend, River Rat, The Ascot Royals, Gloryhound, Christian D and the Hangovers (pictured here), Shane Chsiholm, Wintersleep, Devine is Nothing and Dearly Beloved.

Stream here Stream Episode 265 download

InideCan Radio # 264 this week goes West with Mother, Mother and The Pack A.D., We come East with Rose Cousins, we have something new from Lynzie Kent, Woodhands, Will Currie, Octoberman (pictured here at the Dakota Tavern, photo by Phil Zuzarte), Chris Colepaugh and The Cosmic Crew + we have the Lovely Killbots, Dan Mangan, The Diodes, a Viking invasion of Kyrie Kristmanson and Lay Low, Jay Smith and Canteen Knockout.

Stream here Stream Episode 264 download

Remember Sopa? Mark Farmer’s Sound of Social Media reminds us that the fight for content and content rights is ongoing. More from the Internet wild, wild, west on this episode of IndieCan Radio. Have you heard the previously unreleased Diodes? Enjoy some new-wave art rock/punk on this show. Back to this millennium we have Exit Seekers, The Darcys, The Sheepdogs, Trevor Findlay, Adaline, The Compound (pictured here doing an acoustic set at CDplus in 2009), new Cowboy Junkies, Dementra, Steve Gates and from the archives we chat with some not previously deemed suitable for the airwaves, Caledonia from a washroom at the ECMAs.


Stream here Stream Episode 263 download

Episode 262 features Dave Wimble chatting about the 2012 Indie Bible and a couple of great song writing Dan’s: Dan Mangan (pictured here) and Dan Kusab. Tony Decker’s Great Lake Swimmers ready for Hillside 2012 and we have their Juno 2011 performance. We have Matt Mays and Madison Violet, The Spades, The Night Seekers, Octoberman, Whitehorse, Simple Plan and 1977.
Dave Wimble’s directories are a great tool for any artist. Buy one for yourself or for someone who you would like to help succeed in the music biz. Check out the Indie Bible in its 13th year of production. Here’s 7000 resources including writers and bloggers that will cover you, radio stations and podcasts that will play you. For $40 its hundreds of hours of research.

Check out the Indie Venue Bible with a list of 32,000 venues and 3,500 agents. Just buy the regions(s) you need.


Stream here Stream Episode 262 download

Under the “S” we have Ember Swift, Secrettes, Sean Ashby and Sigrun Stella.

We also have Lickpenny Loafers, The David Rotundo Band, Hands and Teeth, Exit Seekers, The Johnstones, Flower Child and The Pack AD(pictured) who played the 2012 Indies at Canadian Music Week.

Stream here Stream Episode 261 download

From P.E.I. to Vancouver Island, we have bands playing the summer of 2012 at festivals from Dawson City Yukon to Hillside Festival in Guelph, episode 260 includes: The Liponians, Keith Hallett, Owls By Nature, David Francey,Emma Hill, The Zolas, Revelstoke, The Deep Dark Woods, New Country Rehab (pictured here), Catherine MacLellan, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, Said the Whale, Vas Vega, Adaline, Hands and Teeth and D.O.A. Now that's Canadian Eh?@?!!?

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Episode 259 is a tub full of fun with some great songwriting, rock-a-billying, hard rockin and indie grooving.We have Dan Mangan, Rob Szabo, Other People, Ron Hynes, We Are the City, Will Currie, Denetra, The Vanishers, Second Guess, Lynzie Kent, The Pack AD, and Teenage Kick and Drive Faster (pictured courtesy of Joe Fuda). This is good, listening twice is nice :-)

Stream here Stream Epsidode 259 download

That are some “whens” in this show. When the band Nixon was Tiny Danza and when the Canadian Indie Scene included the United Steel Workers of Montreal who packed it in after three great records in 2012.

We are bringing back some of the live-off-the-floor performances and the always impossible challenge of having a serious discussion about the band with the band. We have the Cowboy Junkies, Jordan Klassen, Fevers, Lake Forest, Rose Cousins, The Perms (pictured here) and the Distilleries, all part of a great hour of IndieCan Radio

Stream here Stream Episode 258 download

InideCan Radio # 257 introduces the Paint Movement, Steve Dawson, Joey Wright and The Express. We have The Stills, Ron Hynes, Hollerado, Spirit of the West, Mother Mother, Charlotte Cornfield, The Cunninghams, The Details, Dan Kosub (pictured here played the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern for Canadian Music Week 2012), No Days and anyone hungry—Martha and the Muffins with the best kind of Mess.

Mark Farmer is back this week with the sound of social media talking about Four Square. Do four squares equal one hipster?

Stream here Stream Episode 257 download

Episode 256 is more of the best music you’ve never heard. We have Axis of Conversation of Calgary and Graham Wright (from Tokyo Police Club pictured here).

No Island, Megan Bonnell, D.O.A., Steve Gates, Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers are on this week, as well as Sigrun Stella, The Balconies, Snailhouse, The Midway State, Said the Whale, The Distillery, Rat Silo, Yukon Blonde, David Francey and Sean Ashby

Feakin' Great music isn't it!?!?!?

Stream here Stream Episode 256 download

InideCan sits down with Adaline in # 255

Modern Romantic Adaline talks about her late 2011 CD recorded with Hawksley Workman. In a great show from the west, The Hope Slide, From the East, Gloryhound + The Olympic Symposium with Rose Cousins, from the prairies The Sheepdogs, from last week’s show it’s BRK. We also have Ivan & Alyosha, Ina Tanner, Nikkie, and The Details, all for the price of free-thought.

Stream here Stream Episode 255 download

InideCan # 254 features Canadians doing Americana

We have Jenn Martin on the ground @ The American Music Awards.
This show includes David Francey, Ember Swift, The Cowboy Junkies, Deep Dark Woods (pictured who are on the bill for this years Dawson City Music Festival in the Yukon Territories July 2012), Ox, The Perms Music, The Distillery, Keith Hallett, Last Night, Ross Nielsen and the Sufferin’ Bastards, Yukon Blonde, New Country Rehab, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings + Trevor Findley

Stream here Stream Episode 254 download

IndieCan # 253 features IndieWeek Toronto 2011 winners Nixon (then known as Tiny Danza). We have Gianna Lauren, The Perms from the Prairies, Olympic Symposium from the East Coast, Blue Violets from the Left Coast, Exit Seekers, Madison Violet, Catherine MacLellan and the too mod and magnificent Lovely Kilbots.
Nixon photo credit: Mike Ruszczycki

Stream here Stream Episode 253 download

IndieCan Radio - Episode 252 of IndieCan Radio takes you places. Jon Brooks takes us from Hudson Quebec to Fort McMurray Alberta, we have Dave Parsons who was playing POP Montreal 2011, Plants and Animals from Montreal and The Liptonians.


Under the “Z” we have The Zolas and Zoo Lions and under the “S” we have Sean Ashby, Sultans of String, “So is the Sea” by 1977, Sir Noah Shark and an exclusive interview with Sigrun Stella on her new CD, Crazy Blue, talking with us from a Toronto Cafe

Stream here Stream Episode 252 download

IndieCan Radio celebrates Indie Week Toronto from the fall of 2011. We talk to the strength of Indie Week, Daryl Hurs, winners Tiny Danza now re-branded as NIXON, Broomfiller and highlights from the finals at Tattoo Rock Parlour on Queen Street West. But wait, there’s more –

we have ADHD, The Hyena Dog Robbery, Breached, The Ascot Royals, Amy Heffernan, Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case, MJ Cyr and The Secrettes.

I know what you’re thinking – who are these people; that is the great thing about IndieCan Radio, the best music you’ve never heard all the time. So if you luv it, do the bands a favour and tell your friends.

Stream here Stream Episode 251 download

250 features the east coast’s Shelter With Thieves and Wintersleep, we have Megan Bonnell, Rich Aucoin, Elephant Stone, Kathryn Calder Graham Wright, Yukon Blonde (pictured here), Steve Gates, Plants and Animals, Billy Talent and The Reason and Vas Vega and Harlan Pepper

Stream here Stream Episode 250 download

Episode 249 includes The Cowboy Junkies, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Tune-Yards, The Sheepdogs, Molly Thompson, Cousins, D.O.A., Ember Swift, Glory Hound, Charlotte Cornfield, Grimes, Sandman Viper Command, Amelia Curran singing bye, bye to Montreal and an exclusive POP Montreal Interview with The Jon Cohen Experimental

Stream here Stream Episode 249 download

InideCan Music relives POP Montreal 2011 with Cousins, JF Robitaille, TuneYards, Charlotte Cornfield and an acoustic set with The Balconies, + Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers, Paper Lions and Adam Cohen

Feel free to share La Belle Provence with votre amis (sorry for la spelling)

Stream here Stream Episode 268 download

InideCan Radio pays tribute to the great music we have enjoyed while in La Belle Provence. The United Steel Workers of Montreal, after 10 years of helping us make it through the night are packing it in. They will leave in the Canadian music landscape a whole that will never be filled but they have three great CDs that there is still time to add to your collection. Think about it.
Also contributing to great moments in Montreal include Tims Myth, coming out with new 2012 music, the late Marc Gelinas, the Voodoo Monks, The Hoa Hoas and Dave Martell
Enjoy Montreal on 247


Stream here Stream Episode 247 download


From the Toronto Independent Music Festival 2011, we talk to Shane Chisholm and Dan Kosub.

We have Amy Heffernan (pictured), The Parletones, Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew, Secrettes, Vas Vega, Ria Mae, D.O.A. The Vanishers, Dearly Beloved and Mother Mother

Stream here Stream Episode 246 download

Episode 245 InideCan Radio great moments in one-of-a-kind live recordings:
Ken Tizzard live from IndieCan Ottawa’s Whitebird Sound Studio + 54-40 acoustic at XM Studio, Toronto (pictured, Dave Genn, Neil Osborne and Tom Hooper)
+ The Sheep Dogs, God Made Me Funky Faye Blais, Miracle Fortress, Little Sunday, what was once, Once Just, Jason Land and Miracle Fortress

Stream here Stream Episode 245 download

IndieCan Radio - Episode 244
Hard Surface: In Search of the Canadian Road is a book that should be in every band van this year. The book is equal parts poetry, history and entertainment. Author Peter Unwind and his band Zero Horse Town are on #244 along with Ember Swift, J.R. Louis, Basia Lyjic, Friska Viljor, The Midway State, Lee Harvey Osmond, The Stogies, Rock Yard, Die Mannequin and Montreal’s The Besnard Lakes and Jon Cohen Experimental (pictures with a big-ass rose).
Mark Farmer joins us with a Sound of Social Media segment on Google

Stream here Stream Episode 244 download

Sandman Viper CommandThis week we have new music from Gordie Sampson, Adam Cohen, Ria May, The Sweetness and Andrew Tremaine.
EdgeFest 2011 performers Sandman Viper Command and Hollerado, are part of #243
Also this show features Hillside 2012's Dan Mangan, The Lovely Killbots, Scott Cooper, Dave Borins, The Junction, Diamond Rings and the Midway State

Stream here Stream Episode 243 download

Sarah Burton by Mimosa ArtIndieCan Radio offers something old and something new on 242. This episode features all Two for One’s. Two new from The Strip and Kyrie Kristmanson, Sarah Burton and Lee Harvey Osmond, Two blasts from the past with Focus Puller and The Steady Rollers (a band that will remind you of the Sheepdogs). We have two new from Crooked Brothers and The Key Frames and Bog River. Thanks for supporting great Canadian independent art.

Stream here Stream Episode 242 download

Steve Gates pic by Mat DunlapFrom Indie Week 2011, Jenn Mierau, is featuring new music on Episode 241 along with Meredith Shaw, Justin Sawiciki and Danniel Oickle. We bring you our interview with Steve Gates, driving from Dawson City to Halifax. That’s 7,700 km or almost 5,000 miles of driving.

And there is more new music with Inoke Errati (pronounced I know karate), Yukon Blonde and Amelia Curren. You don’t find a show like this on Top 40 Radio.

Stream here Stream Episode 241 download

Writer, poet and songwriters Peter Unwin & Zero Horse Town joins us on IndieCan Radio this episode. From the best west coast we have Mother Mother, 54-40, The Blue Violets, Hannah Georgas and Dan Mangan. But wait, we have a musical beast from the east, Steve Gates who has a new record coming in 2012. More form Edgefest comes our way with Gentlemen Husbands and Sandman Viper Command. Solan, Grimes and Chris Velan close out the musical component of 240 and our industry insider James Topham of War Child Canada speaks to our “Sound Of Social Media” Mark Farmer

Stream here Stream Episode 240 download

cover of the Rolling Stones artists from Saskatoon, The SheepDogs play TorontoThis episode features The Archives, The Birthday Boys, Dave Borins and Secrettes. Also from Edgefest 2011 at Downsview Park we bring you front-row-centre and back stage with Hollerado, The Sheep Dogs, The Arkells, Sandman Viper Command and Gentlemen Husbands

Stream here Stream Episode 239 download

Charlotte Cornfield at POP MontrealInideCan Music, Episode 238 has an Interview with Mark Farmer from NxNEinteractive talking brand ambassodors and facebook with Sean Hallett.  We have D’Arcy Wickham , who played NxNE. We have Emma Hill, Elephant Stone, David Myles, The Deep Dark Woods, Megan Bonnell, Vas Vega and Folk Thief, from POP Montreal, Charlotte Cornfield Pictured smiling here), Hands and Teeth, Holy Toledo, Eden Ants, AKA Secrettes, The Balconies and New Country Rehab who were in Nashville for the Americana Music Awards

Stream here Stream Episode 238 download

InideCan Episode 237 includes the Diodes. The Toronto Star ran a reader poll asking, “Who’s the best Toronto band ever.” To the Diodes surprise, it wasn’t Rush, Blue Rodeo or Stompin’ Tom. So the Diodes are doing a small Ontario tour. We have some new punk The Diodes in 1979with The Johnnys and A Primitive Evolution. We get ready for a new 1977 music (the band, not the year the Diodes started). We have Gordie Sampson, Catl, Mad June, Snail House and the Midway State. Graham Wright, We’re doomed and Inoke Errati.
Youtube’s Heather Traher and Rebecca Bortman talk with Mark Farmer as part of the Sound of Social Media. We also have more Edgefest with Hollerado, Sandman Viper Command and The Arkells.

Stream here Stream Episode 237 download

Edgefest 2011        InideCan #236 features Gt. Dane and Dave Borins, Axis of Conversation and Dinosaur Bones who opened the Edgefest main-stage, Diamond Ring and Jody Glenham, TNile and Chad Vangaalen, Adaline, as we get ready for her November 2011 new release, Most Serene Republic, The Balconies who “wowed” at Pop Montreal and Teenage Kicks.
Mark Farmer brings us the sound of social media with Hulford of Filemobile who talked to us at NxNE interactive 

Stream here Stream Episode 236 download



Check out Vas Vegas for a great live show

Episode 235 is more memories of North By North East 2011: Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party, Whale Tooth from T.Dot, October Sky and Les Jupes from Montreal and Glory Hound, Joel Plaskett and Jenn Grant (Live from XM Radio Studios) from the Maritimes – but wait, there’s more with Carrie Catherine, Hail the Villain, Melgrove Band and our interview outside Velvet Underground with Vas Vega


Stream here Stream 235 from NXNE download

Attention lovers of music that doesn’t suck: This week, Run With the Kittens, Dinosaur Bones, Axis of Conversation and Chad VanGalleen from Calgary, The Wilderness of Manitoba from Toronto, as well as Faye Blais, The Dunes. We think Montreal with the Jon Cohen Experimental and bring you Tassemancy, Sloan, Yukon Blonde and one of Canada’s representatives at the Americana Music Awards in Nashville, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.

Stream here Stream Episode 234 download

A brand new CD called Find Your Way Home helps raise money to find missing kids. We have some of the artists that have donated time and music. Hannah Saunders who some of you know from Cute Looney, Gareth Icke, and the Habit are featured. Other brand new music includes Citrus Burn, Second Guess, Broken Bricks and boxer Manny Pacquiao and Dan Hill, doing the latest Sometimes When We Touch.
We have IndieCan fav’s United Steel Workers of Montreal to help think Pop Montreal, Die Mannequin who are working on new music, Jay Sparrow, one of the best voices in Rock/Roots anywhere on planet earth, Dean Lickyer, David Gogo and Ghost Keepers, plus Caledonia, to get us thinking Halifax POP Explosion

Stream here Stream Episode 233 download

InideCan Radio has Mark Farmer with the sound of social media featuring Grooveshark. We talk to Dearly Beloved about touring with Sloan. Also, 10th Planet, the Dears, rob Szabo, Everywhere, Jet’s Overhead, 54-40, The Johnnys, The Dunes, Joel Plaskett and We Are the City

Stream here Stream Episode 232 download