Welcome to IndieCan

IndieCan welcomes all independent artists to the IndieCan Network!

IndieCan Music is your one stop indie music shop. We have a record label, radio show, recording studio, online music store, booking service so far and the list of services will continue to grow. We are here to help you, the independent artist get the most out of your band and the local music industry without having to pay through the nose.


IndieCan is currently looking for music writers, if you think you know what's hot and want to write about it get in touch with us at


If you produce or love an Indie E-zine, a pod cast and/or a web site devoted to Canadian indie music, tell us about it. We want to link to other internet sites that share common principles and goals.

If you go to shows and want to report on them, let us know. If you have ideas or opinions to share, Indie Can is the place for you to express yourself about independent music and film in the Greater Toronto area


Do you love music?

Do you have some web site management skills and want to expand them?

Likeable is a prerequisite but gullible would also be an asset.

You could live the indie life of hard work and many rewards, just not financial rewards. Still sound good?

Then we should talk. IndieCan is expanding and requires help with day to day operations.

In return we will pay you all the indie music you can handle.