A word about Photography copyright on

All photographs provided here at IndieCan music are for everyones viewing enjoyment. If you would like to use a photograph from the web site please speak directly to the photographer.

If there is no copyright, simply credit the photo, as seen on and help yourself. If the photo is copyrighted, you need to ensure that the photo credit is not cropped from the image and we would ask that you give written credit to the photographer (so their name comes up on web searches) as well. Example: Photo by Joe Schmoe, IndieCan If you need or want other photos taken at an event but not posted, speak with the photographer directly.

If you want or need other photographic services, speak with the photographer(s) directly. We endorse all of our photographers and we find them to be indie music loving professionals who do great work at fair prices. For any other questions or comments, contact Joe Chisholm at info AT indiecan.



Speak directly with the photographer prior to a performance. Speak directly with the lighting technician at every venue and request the following:

1. White or yellow lighting on faces.

2. Controlled light spot for faces

3. Balanced light on flesh and equipment. ( faces/instruments )

4. Back lighting on backdrops

5. Equally bright lighting on ALL band members.

Remember ! RED is DEADLY for digital photography

Flash galleries are best viewed FULL SCREEN