Tacoma Redd, Indie Bible editor, David Wimble and a couple of special guests for Episode 26

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Sat Dec 16 22:48:04 CST 2006

Hello music fans. 

   We are pretty excited about this week’s announcement.  First of all  
Episode 26 is truly a coast-to-coast show.  Vancouver’s The Flairs,  
St. John’s Hey Rosetta, and artists from Halifax (Down With The  
Butterfly), Montreal (The King Pins), Ottawa (The Meteors)and T.Dot  
(Galore) are all represented this week.

Our feature artist is Tacoma Redd “live at IndieCan” and Dean, Chris,  
Bryan and Doug were stoked to have Moe Berg drop by for the recording  
and joining in for the interview segment.  Listen in as we chat about  
recording "Momentary Misfortune," reminisce about the CD party at The  
Horseshoe and then Tacoma Redd introduces us all to a brand new song.   
Thanks Moe for coming by, we keep hearing in the news how busy you are  
(thanks also to Laura and Fireese for sharing).  More Moe makes a  
better show, so there is always a seat in our studio with your name on  

On my way back from my Montreal trip, I went to Ottawa with the  
expressed purpose of meeting and talking to David Wimble, editor of  
THE INDIE BIBLE.  Listen in on David’s experiences with this DIY  
Directory and his tips for indie artist success.

Check out this link.  IndieCan friends (Yes, that’s you) can get a 20%  
discount off of the DVD “What is Indie?”  Get this – Dave Cool spent  
two+ years interviewing artists from Canada and the U.S, insiders like  
the founder of CD Baby, the founder of Sonic Bids, Indie.com and  
more.  This documentary is full of great info and it’s the perfect  
explanation to friends and family tireless question, “What and why do  
you do what you do?”  If you love and indie artist this would be the  
best $16 you spend as a gift for them.  So there’s the punch line – it  
was already indie movie cheap ($20) to begin with, now with the  
discount it’s the same price as a CD, and, oh yeah – they throw in a  
CD with the DVD, cram packed with indie music.

So check out the link for a trailer, more info and if you see fit to  
support Dave, you’ll see how to get the IndieCan discount:


Take me to this weeks show:  http://www.indiecan.com

Visit us on mysapce:  http://www.myspace.com/indiecanmusic

Love and Music

Please feel free to pass this Email along.  If you want to be removed  
from the Email blast, please contact us at info at indiecan.com.  Thanks  
for supporting Canadian emerging artists. 

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